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Why and How Often You Should Clean Your AC Ducts and Vents

Why and How Often You Should Clean Your AC Ducts and Vents

With our vast experience as a Florida Keys air conditioning maintenance and service provider, we have seen many commonalities which can be applied to various air conditioning units. We have experience with numerous systems, and we offer Westinghouse AC repair services, Maytag AC maintenance, Daikin AC maintenance and repair services, and more. We can attest that regardless of which unit you have, you need to clean your air ducts and vents regularly. Our specialists will provide you with the reasoning behind this and some tips on how to preserve their cleanliness.

Why You Should Clean Your AC Ducts and Vents

Cleaning your air conditioning ducts and vents is necessary for good, clean air quality and circulation in your home. Dust, allergens, pet hair, and general debris circulate through your home and collect in your air conditioning vents. It is essential to keep your ducts and vents clean if you suffer from allergies. 

While some areas only require their air conditioners to work during warmer seasons, some of our clients in the Florida Keys have units that run year-round, making regular cleaning even more necessary. 

How Often Should You Clean Your AC Ducts and Vents? 

Air ducts and vents should be cleaned at a minimum, once per year. If you live in a warmer climate, such as Florida, you should clean them more often. Air duct cleaning in Florida should be done once at the beginning of spring and once at the beginning of fall.

Signs That You May Need AC Duct Cleaning

If you are not sure whether you need AC duct cleaning or not, our professionals can share some signs that indicate it is time to have your air ducts cleaned.

  1. You can see the dust blowing from the air vents when you look at them.
  2. You can see more dust than usual settling on your furniture.
  3. Your allergies have gotten worse.
  4. Your air filters need to be changed more often.
  5. The airflow in your home is not as strong as it normally is.

How to Preserve Duct and Vent Cleanliness

There are several ways to preserve duct and vent cleanliness to minimize how often you will need to clean them. 

Air Filters

An important part of keeping your unit clean and properly running is to change your air filter regularly. Air filters can become clogged, increasing dirt and debris and preventing your unit from operating efficiently. 

Cooling Coils and Drain Pans

Another way to maintain duct and vent cleanliness is to ensure that your AC maintenance service cleans your cooling coils and drain pans during your annual unit’s maintenance check. This cleaning should already be an included service, however, make sure to confirm with your service provider.

Home Cleanliness

Regularly vacuuming your home can limit the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris in your home, which would otherwise end up on your air conditioning filter and unit. 

Properly Sealed Ducts

You need to ensure that all units and ducts are properly sealed to help your unit run more efficiently and prevent moisture and condensation from entering your unit. 

How Much Does AC Duct Cleaning Cost?

The cost of having AC duct cleaning done in your home can vary from company to company. However, the average cost of AC duct cleaning can range anywhere from $500-$700 in the state of Florida. There are 4 factors that will determine the price of your AC duct cleaning, which are: the size of your home, the location of the ducts, how dirty the ducts are, and who you hire as a contractor.

Servicing Your AC Unit

AC units are complex mechanisms that require regular maintenance and repair work. It is best to employ experienced and qualified specialists to minimize cost and services. We have expertise in air conditioning services in the Florida Keys. Air conditioners in this area require special attention and maintenance due to the warmer climate, a higher chance of storms and hurricanes, and rust and wear resulting from proximity to the ocean. Contact us today for the maintenance, repair, installation, and servicing of your Florida Keys AC unit. 

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