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When and Why to Get your AC Unit Inspected

When and Why to Get Your AC Unit Inspected

As a provider of air conditioning repair services in the Florida Keys at All Brands Corp. AC, we are well aware of the importance of a properly running air conditioning unit. This means regular ac unit inspection and maintenance to ensure that your unit is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Why You Should Have Your AC Unit Inspected

An AC inspection is similar to a car inspection. It ensures that your unit is working smoothly and properly. AC units require large amounts of electricity to operate. Regularly having your AC inspected will prevent your unit from utilizing excessive levels of electricity, saving you money on your electrical bill. 

Additionally, like a car, an AC unit has many complicated components. Inspections can provide you early insights on parts that need replacing before they break. The sooner you notice a problem in an air conditioning unit, the better. Having parts break before replacing them will cost a lot more money than preventative maintenance. 

How Often Should You Have Your AC Unit Inspected?

Air conditioning units should be inspected on a yearly basis. As stated above, the cost of an inspection and preventive maintenance will be far less than the cost of replacing your AC, or significant components of your unit, due to not knowing about current or future issues.

For Florida ACs, like the ones we serve, you may wish to schedule more frequent inspections, as our units are turned on for most of the year. Additionally, you should personally inspect your unit after a hurricane or strong Florida storm and consider getting a professional’s opinion if you fear that your AC has been damaged. 

What Is Inspected During an AC Unit Inspection

An AC unit inspection includes a variety of services. An inspector will first inspect, and if needed, change the air filter in your unit. They will then test the connection of fuses, wirings, and electrical connections in your unit and tighten where needed. 


An inspector will next ensure that the unit is working efficiently by testing for refrigerant leaks, testing the thermostat, testing the relays and pressure controls, and inspecting the unit’s ductwork to see if there is any energy loss. 


They will also perform some needed cleaning and maintenance duties such as inspecting, cleaning, and draining the unit’s pan, flushing and cleaning the condensate drain and cleaning the evaporator coils. Finally, they will check the unit for any physical damage and remove any debris or dirt from the unit. 

AC Services in the Florida Keys

If you are looking for installation or repair of commercial and residential units in the Florida Keys, we recommend contacting our specialists. We provide a host of services to various brand name units, such as Westinghouse AC repairs, Bosch AC maintenance work, and Maytag AC maintenance work to name a few. View our service page for more information. 

With Florida hurricane and storm season upon us, it is pertinent more than ever to ensure that your unit is functioning at its best. We recommend checking out our recent blog on How to Protect Your A/C Unit From Storms and Hurricanes for ways to prepare your unit for incoming storms and hurricanes. 

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