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The Truth Behind Myths about Air Conditioning

The Truth Behind Myths about Air Conditioning 

There is a lot of misinformation floating around when it comes to air conditioning units. This has led to people making their lives more difficult by following completely untrue pieces of advice. Luckily the air conditioner service experts at All Brands have made a list of the four most popular myths about air conditioning, and they’re going to bust them!

Can Air Conditioning Give You a Cold? 

This is one of the classic myths about air conditioning; some unsuspecting person sets their ac unit to a temperature too low and gets a cold. An air conditioning unit regulates temperature, so it is easy to assume that since sickness is associated with colder temperatures your ac unit is to blame for your cold. But what if I told you that you’re not getting sick because of the temperature? Well, it’s true! Colds are caused by viruses, not temperature! 

Setting Temperature Lower Isn’t How to Cool Your House Down Fast!

Air conditioner units set their temperatures at a sort of “flat rate”, they aim to reach a temperature and don’t necessarily “pass through” every temperature on their way to the one you set. Instead, an ac unit sucks air and moisture to attain a set temperature level all at once; meaning that setting your thermostat lower will only make the unit suck in more, not necessarily for longer! Myths about air conditioning don’t get much more widespread than this one, it’s about time it was busted.

Should You Close Vents in Unused Rooms? 

How fast should AC cool down your house? That answer varies from unit to unit, what doesn’t vary is that an air conditioner will cool down your entire house, and closing an ac vent in an unused room will likely do more harm than good. Closing a vent in an unused room will actually disrupt the complicated process of air conditioning and make the unit’s performance suffer as a result.

A Big AC Unit Isn’t for Everybody!

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. This class myth about air conditioning claims that a larger AC unit will always mean better performance; this is just plain wrong. While larger AC units are more powerful, a large AC unit may simply not be what your space needs. It is always better to go with an appropriately sized unit instead of simply the largest one!

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