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The Benefits of a Ductless AC System for a South Florida Home

The Benefits of a Ductless AC System for a South Florida Home

As a South Florida resident, you know the electrical costs associated with cooling your home. If you are currently building a house, looking to renovate an existing home, or installing an air conditioning system in a home that does not have one, it is essential to weigh your options. Our experience in design and installation services for residential Air Conditioning systems allows us to impart some wisdom on the benefits of a Ductless AC System for a South Florida home. 

Air Quality Benefits of a Ductless AC System

Ductless AC Systems provide added features that surpass simple temperature control. Ductless systems possess air purification features that can help eliminate germs, pollen, dust, and odorous gasses. With the recent pandemic, ductless systems can be a great way to minimize the risk of spreading airborne diseases in your home. 

Traditional HVAC systems may have ductwork that collects dust and debris circulating in the air, while ductless systems contain a multi-layer filtration system that keeps your air clean.

Humidity is an issue all Floridians are well aware of. Ductless AC systems provide excellent dehumidifying services, improving overall air quality in your home. 

A Space Saving Air Conditioner

Unlike other air conditioning systems, ductless systems are incredibly compact, can be placed where needed, and don’t obstruct window views. While HVAC systems similarly don’t take up a window or space in multiple rooms, they do require a large designated area for the central system, usually in the attic or a spare closet. Ductless systems can be discreetly placed on walls, and their small compact size also allows for easier installation, lowering installation time and cost. 

Custom Temperature for Each Room

If you live with someone, chances are you’ve disagreed over room temperature a few times. With ductless systems in multiple rooms, each person can personalize the temperature to their liking. This can also save you money on your electrical bill, as you can shut off systems in specific rooms when not needed.

Low Maintenance Costs

AC maintenance costs associated with ductless systems are low relative to HVAC and other air conditioning systems. They require occasional cleaning of filters, vents, and the outdoor system. Most maintenance can be done right at home by you, saving you high maintenance costs associated with some HVAC models. A properly maintained ductless system can last decades. We do recommend annual inspections to ensure your units are running correctly and efficiently. 

Installing a Ductless AC System in Monroe County, Florida

With over six years of experience in all facets of air conditioning maintenance, installation, and servicing, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. can ensure that your AC system is installed correctly and serviced. We specialize in all systems and provide quick, reliable AC services to Monroe County, Florida. 

We additionally provide specialty services such as residential HVAC and refrigeration services to Key Largo, Florida. Contact us today to ensure that your south Florida home is cooled efficiently. 

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