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Signs an Air Conditioner Needs Repair

An air conditioner repairman holding a grey seet of gloves and an HVAc thermostat machine to fix a broken air conditioning system.

In the sunny Florida Keys, we are no strangers to the Florida heat; with summer quickly approaching, it is imperative to make sure you don’t have a broken air conditioner in the hottest months of the year. All Brands Corp. AC Inc. wants to make sure your air conditioner is properly maintained and functioning in order to cool you down all year long. Our Florida Keys air conditioning company shares 5 signs your AC needs repair.

Situations Indicating That AC Repair Is Necessary

“Why is my air conditioner not working?” If you’re struggling with this question or you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to schedule residential AC repair.

AC Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

If you find that you feel warm air blowing out of your home’s air vents, be sure to check the temperature setting on your thermostat. Make sure that your AC unit is switched to cooling mode, with the temperature set lower than the home’s natural room temperature.

If your air conditioner is still blowing warm air, this may be a sign that your AC needs repair. Air conditioning units are very complex, so we recommend leaving it up to professional HVAC technicians.

High Humidity Indoors

Humidity is simply a fact of life in Florida, but if you are experiencing high humidity indoors, it may be a big sign that your AC needs repair. Broken air conditioners are unable to moderate the moisture levels, which can make your home feel more humid than usual. Contact the professionals to diagnose the issue and recalibrate the air conditioning system.

Water Is Leaking from the Air Conditioning Unit

If you find that there are puddles of water and frequent leaks around your AC unit, this could be a sign that you have a broken air conditioner. While your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to keep your home cool, the liquids should never leak or accumulate.

Having active leaks and pools of water under your air conditioner is a huge sign your AC needs repair. Water leaks can damage your home and often leads to more serious issues. If you need emergency AC services, the HVAC pros at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. can quickly diagnose the issue and have your AC unit running seamlessly with the proper repairs.

AC Unit is Making Unusual Noises

The best air conditioners make little to no noise as they start up and shut down. But if you find that you are having AC problems and can hear loud and unusual noises, it can be a huge warning sign your AC needs repair or replacement.

A buzzing or rattling sound coming from your cooling system could mean that there is a loose part. If you hear a whistling or loud grinding noises, there could be a more serious problem with your cooling system. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact our Key Largo HVAC technicians to assess your AC unit and make the necessary repairs.

Air Conditioning Unit Smells Bad

Another warning sign your AC needs repair is if you find unusual and unpleasant smells in your home, as is the case with Dirty Sock Syndrome. If your HVAC system smells bad, be sure to contact a professional air conditioning repairman before the smell gets worse.

Trusting the Air Conditioning Professional at All Brands Corp.

Many air conditioning issues can be prevented with routine AC maintenance including air filter replacement, debris removal, and unit assessment by professionals with the appropriate tools.

At All Brands Corp. AC Inc., we pride ourselves on exceptional service, ensuring that our customers remain cool all year round with properly functioning air conditioning units. If you need AC services in the Florida Keys, you can rely on All Brands Corp. AC Inc. to get the job done.

While our technicians will do everything in their power to repair your unit, there might actually be signs you need a new AC altogether. In addition to the excellent AC repair and maintenance services for different air conditioning brands on the market, we also offer AC installation in the Florida Keys as well. Contact us today to speak with an All Brands Corp. AC Inc. representative about fixing your broken air conditioner!

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