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AC Service

Air conditioners come in a range of sizes, types, and brands, but one thing that they all have in common is the fact that the machines will need to be maintained and serviced from time to time. Some people have the misconception that once a new unit is installed, the only maintenance required is a new filter every month. If this is the only level of maintenance they commit to, it could result in a serious issue down the line that requires the emergency services of an AC/HVAC contractor when it’s already too late. The AC unit could likely have been salvaged with routine residential AC services in the Florida Keys. These simple service calls can reveal small issues before they evolve into large problems, which ensures that the unit lasts much longer than without routine maintenance. Here are some of the most common repairs and maintenance checks you’ll receive as part of our professional Florida Keys AC/HVAC residential services.


Deep Clean the AC Unit

The internal filter is not the only part of the air conditioning system that can get dirty. The mere fact that the unit is on the outside of the home means that debris from storms, as well as dust, can clog up the internal components. An annual residential AC service is recommended, which includes cleaning the outdoor components of the unit to ensure that it remains working properly. The internal coils are cleaned to help the unit cool more efficiently. The outdoor unit is also checked for obstructions such as leaves and dirt to make sure the unit drains properly. This inspection and cleaning also safeguard against moisture buildup inside the AC unit’s components that can cause further damage.


Room Temperature

A central unit is designed to maintain the internal climate of a home at the level set by the homeowner. For optimal efficiency with most units, our AC/HVAC team recommends setting the room temperature at 68 degrees in the winter and 72 degrees in the summer. There can, however, be a problem with the unit if the rooms are not maintaining the same temperature. As part of our residential AC services, one of our AC/HVAC specialists will check each room for the right temperature digitally, which is far more exact than traditional mercury thermometers. This knowledge can help determine whether there is a problem with the placement of the thermostat or if additional air conditioning solutions, in conjunction with a larger unit, might be necessary for optimal climate control.


Check for Leaks

It’s usually normal for a standard outdoor cooling system to have water leaking from it. Excess moisture is removed from the system through the drain off. Some people can get concerned about more water leaking from the system, but this is generally the case when the unit has to work harder to cool the home on hotter days. Residential AC services include an inspection to check for leaks; this can be a huge help for the homeowner. The standard refrigerant used today is the R-410a. This new form of coolant is called Pureon and is better for the environment. If you have an older system operating on the now discontinued Freon (also known as R-22), a leak can be harmful to the surrounding environment. A leak can also mean that the unit needs a Freon refill, an expensive repair since the supply is running low. Residential AC contractors often recommend completely replacing the unit with a more efficient model to effectively cool your home and avoid exacerbating Freon’s negative environmental impact.


Inspect & Clean Electrical Contacts

The electrical contacts of the unit help the electricity flow, allowing the unit to turn on when needed. When the electrical contacts on an air conditioning unit corrode, the connection is severed and the electricity will not flow; thus, the AC unit will not turn on or off properly. Regular inspection of the unit can prove beneficial; the AC contractor will locate and clean the contacts. Many homeowners who don’t schedule annual residential AC services tend to become anxious about their unit malfunctioning when, in most cases, it’s just a blocked connection.


Where to Turn for Residential AC Services in the Florida Keys

Realizing that you need a residential HVAC contractor is the easy part. Finding a trusted, reputable one that can handle your AC unit is another story. There are a lot of names for residential AC services in Florida, but none have the reputation and experience as our team at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. We take every job seriously, providing exceptional residential AC services in the Florida Keys. Whether you’d like to learn more about the services we offer or shop our large inventory AC brands, contact our professional AC/HVAC team at 305-619-0650 today!



*Post updated February 28, 2020*