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HVAC & Refrigeration

During the hot months we expect our home to remain cool from the help of our well-maintained AC unit. During the cool months, we rely on our HVAC unit to keep the home comfortable and warm. When we are home and we go to the refrigerator for a cold drink or to the freezer for a sweet treat, we expect our items to be cooled and frozen. Unfortunately, air conditioners and fridges can go out at any time without warning, and suddenly maintenance is needed for your residential HVAC and refrigeration systems. As one of the most trusted AC repair service in the Florida Keys, we know your residential HVAC and refrigeration in your home is important to both you and your family. Let our professionals help you maintain them!

Tips on How to Keep Your Residential HVAC Running Smoothly

The best thing to do when your residential HVAC has failed or your refrigerator has stopped working is to call in a professional maintenance service. We want to share some tips to help you maintain and protect your systems and advise who to call for the best results for all your residential HVAC and refrigeration service, maintenance, repair, and sales needs.

Keep up with replacing air conditioning filters
The first step to keeping your residential HVAC running smoothly is to make sure that the air conditioning filters are replaced on time. A good rule of thumb is to try to replace the filters or clean them out once a month.

Use ceiling fans
For areas that require the most ventilation in your home, look into installing a ceiling fan. Running a ceiling fan at regular intervals will help make sure that the air released from the AC vents is rotated and evenly circulated throughout the room. Keeping the ceiling fan running while cleaning your residential HVAC can also help to disband contaminants and dust particles that get loose in the process.

Make sure your home is properly insulated
Adding things like curtains or blinds to your windows to keep the direct sunlight out is another great way to keep your residential HVAC working smoothly because the AC does not have to work as hard to cool your home.

Get a programable thermostat
A programable thermostat can change the temperature of your home throughout different times of the day and will help prevent your residential HVAC from working harder than it needs to when no one is home.

How to Keep Your Residential Refrigerator Running Smoothly

The refrigerator is just as important to a homeowner as their HVAC unit. Refrigerators today have become quite sophisticated with new smart technology and different climate-controlled zones within the refrigerator itself, but no matter how sophisticated they get, the basic function of the unit is the same. The refrigerator pulls in air from a vent either beneath or above the unit.

Falling food and dirt on the floor can make the unit less efficient for cooling the food within. For maintaining the unit, simply make sure that the vent is clear and clean at all times. This is true with both the standard refrigerator as well as any freezers you might have within the home. When the system begins to show wear or experiences problems, it is time to call in a professional residential HVAC & Refrigeration service.

Residential HVAC and Refrigerator Experts in Key Largo, FL

Your residential HVAC and refrigerator are important to your household. Trust the professionals at All Brands Corp. AC. Inc to service your residential HVAC and keep it in pristine condition. There are several residential HVAC & refrigeration specialists throughout Florida, but none can stand up to the reputation and expertise of All Brands Corp AC. We have been helping families maintain their HVAC and refrigeration systems for many years and maintain a high level of professionalism on every job we perform. Your systems are important to us and the health and safety of your family take top priority. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the best in Florida. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today for all your residential HVAC & refrigeration needs.