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Residential HVAC and Refrigeration

Tips on How to Keep Your Systems Running and Who to Call When Things Go Wrong

When we wake up in the morning or come home after a long day of work, we expect that the home is as it should be. During the hot months we expect our home to remain cool from the help of our well maintained AC unit. During the cool months, we rely on our HVAC unit to keep the home comfortable and warm and when we go to the refrigerator for a cold drink or to the freezer for a sweet treat, we expect all to be as it should. Unfortunately, things happen that are out of are control and maintenance must be performed on our residential HVAC and refrigeration systems. When you cannot figure out what is going on with the system, it is time to call in a professional maintenance service, but here are some tips to help you maintain and protect your systems and also who to call for the best results for all your residential HVAC and refrigeration service, maintenance, repair, and sales needs.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

The HVAC units that heat and cool our home have a lot of components that should not be touched by untrained hands. The rule of thumb for the homeowner should be, if a panel needs to be removed for cleaning or to look at something, it is best to leave it in the caring and professional hands of a licensed HVAC contractor. Some will claim that the cleaning of the coils and general maintenance such as that are fine for the homeowner, but some warranties can be voided if the homeowner takes matters into their own hands. There are however some things that the homeowner can do to help with maintaining the system without getting into the internal components of the unit.

One of the major things that need to be accomplished every month is the addition of a new filter. The return of your home is constantly sucking in air to the system and unless you live in a completely sterile home, there is plenty of dust and debris to clog up the system. A dirty filter can cause the unit to not blow in sufficient air and if the clog is bad enough, it can completely shut the unit down. Filters are generally inexpensive and regular changes will help maintain the system. Other things the homeowner can do to ward off additional fixes to the system is to keep the unit free of debris at all times and have the HVAC unit maintained with an annual inspection from a licensed residential HVAC & refrigeration specialist.

Residential Refrigerators

The refrigerator is just as important to a homeowner as their HVAC unit. Refrigerators today have become quite sophisticated with new smart technology and different climate controlled zones within the refrigerator itself, but no matter how sophisticated they get, the basic function of the unit is the same. The refrigerator pulls in air from a vent either beneath or above the unit. Falling food and dirt on the floor can make the unit less efficient for cooling the food within. For maintaining the unit yourself, simply make sure that the vent is clear and clean at all times. This is true with both the standard refrigerator as well as any freezers you might have within the home. When the system begins to show wear or experiences problem, it is time to call in a professional residential HVAC & Refrigeration service.

Who to Call?

The HVAC and refrigeration in your home is important to both you and your family and maintaining those systems is something that should always be done by a professional. There are a number of residential HVAC & refrigeration specialists throughout Florida, but none can stand up to the reputation and expertise of All Brands Corp AC. We have been helping families maintain their HVAC and refrigeration systems for many years and maintain a high level of professionalism on every job we perform. Your systems are important to us and the health and safety of your family take top priority. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the best in Florida. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today for all of your residential HVAC & refrigeration needs.