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Emergency AC Services

Residential Emergency AC Services

Who to Call and When to Call When an Emergency Happens

Most HVAC system related repair and maintenance issues can wait a bit to be fixed, but there are times when a true emergency arises, and you need a professional residential emergency AC services. However, just because a company is a licensed AC contractor specialist, does not mean that they offer emergency services to their clients. There are many different companies throughout Florida, but most of them, when you call after standard business hours, you get a pre-recorded message to call back during the weekday between 9 am and 5 pm. Your AC unit cannot tell time and is not able to hold on long enough to wait for one of these services to decide to help out. When an emergency strikes you need the skillful services of All Brands Corp AC. Our team of professionals is here for you 24 hours every day 7 days per week. Here are some ways to know if your AC problem is, in fact an emergency.

Sensitive Individuals

Extreme heat can be a major factor for even the average person, but for someone with asthma or another ailment that causes them to be sensitive to extreme temperatures, the situation can be dire. Breathing problems are common in Florida as the humidity on a hot day can make the air feel thick and bear down on a sensitive individual’s ability to breath. It is always an emergency when the temperatures are high, and it is too hot in the house for a sensitive individual to breath, so in this instance, do not hesitate to call All Brands Corp AC for residential emergency AC services. Even if we cannot fix the unit right away, we can often find a solution to bring down the temp in the home enough to make your family member comfortable such as portable loaner units.

Gas Smell

Not all HVAC systems run on solely electricity. Some maintain a gas component to the system and the pipes pushing the gas into the unit can become damaged due to storms or simple wear and tear. If you smell gas and you suspect that it is coming from the HVAC unit, never begin looking for the leak yourself. Gas is volatile and can ignite quickly. The solution is to immediately get out of the home and call All Brands Corp AC residential emergency AC services. We have the materials and the expertise to assess the situation properly and fix the problem.


Electricity is not something the homeowner needs to mess around with. Sparks flying from the unit can happen and most of the time it is due to a power serge caused by an electrical storm or even animals chewing through the wires. If you ever see any type of sparks or smoke coming from the unit, you need residential emergency AC services asap. All Brands Corp AC is here to help and advises you to keep everyone, including pets, away from any unit that is sparking or smoking. Turn off the main power and if there is any sign of fire, dial 911 to get the fire department out fast. Sparks from the unit can ignite vegetation around the unit, dry leaves, or even the home depending, so it is nothing to be taken lightly.

Back from Vacation

Sometimes, we are not at home when an emergency happens. It is important to have someone regularly check on the home if you intend on staying away from an extended period of time. Emergencies can happen quickly, and they often happen when we are away. Homes that are left unattended tend to be targets for thieves looking to take the valuable copper from inside the unit, so it always pays to have someone on hand to look after the home. Thief damage can result in you having to replace the entire unit, so make sure that your home as well as any rental properties is monitored effectively to avoid disasters while you are away.

The bottom line with any emergency, is that if it important to you, it is important to us at All Brands Corp AC. We take pride in the world we do for our customers and want their homes to remain safe and comfortable at all times. Our expert residential emergency AC services are available days, nights, weekends, and even holidays because emergencies do not take time off. Visit All brands Corp AC or give us a call whenever you need us for emergency AC services, general maintenance, sales, and repairs.