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The Best Residential AC Units for the Florida Area

Florida is a hot area for tourism and retirees seeking affordable solutions for their retirement plan. More people are moving to the state every year and that does not include the endless stream of annual tourist heading out to the beaches for the summer season. The one thing that they all have in common no matter where they came from is the need for air conditioning systems in their homes or rentals. AC units might not be a necessity in some areas of the world with calmer climates, but with the heat in Florida, the beach breeze is simply not enough to effectively cool a home. If you are among the many considering a move to Florida, you need to look into residential air conditioning sales in the area you intend on moving to. Having an expert residential HVAC contractor on hand will be your key to true happiness and comfort in your home. Here are some of the best types of systems for the area.

Central Air Unit

One of the most common styles of air conditioning systems in the United States is the central unit. This is a unit located outside the home of with an indoor split system that allows the entire home to be cooled at one time. The systems are based on a SEER rating of between 13 and 30, but here in Florida, recent changes to the regulations have forced AC manufacturers to up their game with the minimum rating now standing at 14. The rating is expected to climb even higher as tighter energy restrictions come to light.

Residential central air conditioning sales are on the rise here in Florida, but there are some drawbacks to consider when choosing this style of unit. Space is largely one of the main issues that people have to contend with. Depending on your outdoor space, you might have to invest in a smaller unit and for those with a multi-level home, the addition of an extra unit for the upstairs of a substantially larger unit overall is a possibility. Space can also be an issue for the duct work system. The standard duct work can take up a lot of space below or above the home, so that must be accounted for as well.

Single Room AC Unit

For a larger home with multiple bedrooms, a central AC unit does make the most sense and your local air conditioner contractor can assist you in finding the right one for your needs. However, everyone in Florida does not have a large home. Many people are resorting to smaller homes and even studio style dwellings for their residences. These units are also often used as rentals for additional income for the Florida resident. The smaller dwellings and rentals do not always require such a large AC unit as the space is minimal. Often, even in the hottest of temperatures, a well insulated small home can be kept quite cool with the help of a single room unit. The units today can be floor based or even mounted in the ceiling or wall to save additional space. Having a single room AC unit has the additional bonus of being able to be turned off when no one is renting or residing in the space, so it can actually save the homeowner money in the long run.

There are still some drawbacks to consider and these become more apparent when the space being cooled is rented out as many residences are in Florida. Floor model single room residential air conditioning sales have been on the rise as the units can be moved from one room to another, but when renting out the home, you might not want your renters to have that much control over the unit itself. It is often better to invest in a ceiling or wall mounted system. That way the unit is never moved around and in risk of becoming damaged. Although floor units are relatively inexpensive, you do not want to have to replace them too often in the home simply because renters neglect to take care of them.

Where to Turn?

It is understandable that anyone moving into the Florida area will have questions about the air conditioning systems in their homes and rental units. Trusting in just any residential A/C contractor is unwise as not all have the experience to properly assist their customers. All Brands Corp AC however is different than just your everyday average air conditioning repair service. We have years of experience and many happy customers to prove that we are the ones to call. We service all brands of air conditioner units, so you do not have to worry about the brand that you have. When it is time to replace an existing unit, or install one in a new homesite, All Brands Corp AC can give you residential AC sales advice as well as sell you your new unit. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today to keep your home cool all season long.