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When is it Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

The thought of replacing the air conditioning unit in a home is enough to send fear through the heart of the average homeowner. With systems today costing thousands, it is no wonder why homeowners worry about their AC unit. Some homeowners hate the thought so much that they do not even pay attention to the small issues that are evident proving that they need a new system. The typical homeowner waits until the system completely shuts down before getting it replaced. That can lead to a lot of hot days in a home with no AC at all and no one wants to put their family through that, so here are some signs that you may be due for a residential AC replacement soon.

R 22 Freon

One of the major signs that your air conditioning unit needs replaced is if it relies on R 22 Freon. That does not sound like a significant issue, but the old R 22 Freon is being phased our nationwide. This older form of refrigerant has a negative effect on the environment. It is still available, but in order to properly phase out the product, the U.S. government has increased the cost of the R 22. The new refrigerant is the R 410A and if your unit still maintains the old style Freon, it is much more cost effective to invest in a new unit instead of filling up on the expensive Freon. The costs for a new residential AC replacement comes with a warranty and peace of mind knowing that the unit will function without substantial risk to the environment.

Its Age

It can be difficult to determine the actual age of an older unit. Homeowners that have recently purchased a home might not be able to find out exactly how old the unit is, but if possible, it pays to know the date of purchase. The age of the unit is an important factor as the standard unit is only made to work for around 15 years. Units that are over 10 years old are subject to more maintenance and repair costs over their lifetime and some older units are unable to be fixed due to the inability to find replacement parts. When the unit has reached its 10 year marker, it is best to simply call your local residential AC replacement specialist for a new one.

Uncomfortable Home

The reason that most homes have an AC unit is to remain comfortable. With the high humidity in Florida, it is an essential part of your home. You can tell if your air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly if the home is simply uncomfortable. When you set the thermostat at the same level you always have, yet the temperature never seems to reach that degree, you likely need a residential AC replacement. You never should have to contend with a warm home in the heat of the summer and a new unit can provide you with the cool environment you need all while keeping your utility bills at a minimum.

Costly Repairs

If your air conditioner is costing you more in repairs than it is worth, it is best to simply invest in a new unit. A unit that cannot effectively cool the home without constant fixes from the residential HVAC contractor, it is time to cut your losses and get a new unit. Depending on the size of your home and the needs of the family, you can find budget conscious air conditioning products that maintain a higher SEER rating, but without costing more than you are willing to pay. It takes time and advice from a professional AC service representative, so be sure to contact one today.

Where to Turn

Homeowners these days have an array of options when it comes to A/C contractors, but it is unwise to simply pick just any company. Take the time to research the best residential AC replacement companies in your area before simply picking the cheapest option. All Brands Corp AC is your number one resource for all air conditioning needs. We have the experience necessary to get you the system that is perfect for your home and we can sell you the unit directly from our company to save you even more time and money. AC maintenance, service, and repair companies are found throughout the Florida region, but only All Brands Corp AC can get you the service and products you need. Visit our website or call us today and let us help you get your home back to being comfortable once again.