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AC Replacement

The thought of an AC replacement in your home is enough to send fear through the heart of the average homeowner. With systems today costing thousands, it is no wonder why homeowners worry about potentially having to replace an AC unit. Some homeowners hate the thought so much that they do not even pay attention to the small issues that only confirm the need for a new system. The typical homeowner waits until the system completely shuts down before getting an AC replacement. That can lead to a lot of hot days at home with no air conditioner at all – no one wants to put their family through the uncomfortable Florida heat. If you are getting ready to replace an AC unit, learn more from the experts at All Brands Corp. AC Inc.

When Is It Time to Replace An Old Air Conditioning Unit?

When you should get an AC replacement depends on many factors. The unit’s age is one of the biggest reasons to replace an AC unit, but you should also take into account whether your unit uses Freon or Puron. If your home has been unbearably warm recently, that may be another sign that it’s time to replace your AC unit. Learn more about the reasons why you should replace your unit.

Is My AC Unit Too Old?

It can be difficult to determine the actual age of an older model. Homeowners that have recently purchased a home might not be able to find out the exact age of their AC unit, though standard AC units have a 15-year lifespan. Units that are over 10 years old are subject to more maintenance and repair costs over their lifetime, while units that are even older might be difficult to fix if replacement parts don’t exist for them anymore. When the unit has reached the 10-year mark, it is best to simply call your local residential AC replacement specialist for a new one.

Freon vs. Puron

One of the substantial signs that your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced is if it relies on R22 Freon. That may not sound like a significant issue, but the old R22 Freon refrigerant is being phased out nationwide due to its negative effects on the environment. In fact, the government discontinued Freon in 2020. You will want your AC unit to run efficiently without damaging the environment.

In any case, whether your AC unit still runs on Freon or if you have a unit that uses Puron, check the refrigerant levels and call a professional to schedule a recharge, or refill, if necessary for a properly functioning AC unit.

Why Is My House So Warm?

The reason why most homes have an AC unit is to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. The combination of high heat and humidity in Florida make an AC unit an essential part of your home. You can tell if your air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly if the home is simply uncomfortable. When you set the thermostat at the same level you always have, yet the temperature never seems to cool down enough, you likely need a residential AC replacement. You should never have to suffer with a warm home in the heat of the summer. Replace your AC unit and give yourself and your family the luxury of cool air.

If your unit starts malfunctioning all of a sudden and you’re stuck in an unbearably hot home, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. offers emergency AC services in Key Largo and beyond.

Don’t Ignore Repairs

If your air conditioner is costing you more in repairs than it is worth, it is best to simply invest in a new unit. If your unit cannot adequately cool your home without constant fixes from a residential HVAC contractor in the Florida Keys, then it might be time to check out a new AC unit or even a new air conditioner brand. Researching budget-friendly, efficient air conditioners with high ratings and positive reviews or consult one of our experts today for advice regarding your AC replacement.

Who Should I Contact for AC Replacement?

Homeowners these days have an array of options when it comes to AC contractors, but you shouldn’t choose just any company. Take the time to research the best residential AC replacement companies in your area before simply picking the cheapest option. All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is your number one resource for all Florida Keys air conditioning needs. We have the experience necessary to help you choose the system that is perfect for your home; we can even sell you the unit directly from our company to save you even more time and money. Contact us today to learn more about replacing your AC unit.

Updated on May 29, 2020.