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Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning is essential in Florida. Without it, the humidity alone can make staying inside miserable. Homeowners work diligently to ensure that their AC unit is in good working order through regular checks of the system by licensed AC contractors and calling in help when the unit is simply not functioning as it should. There is not always a need to replace a broken system and there are a number of different residential AC repair problems with a standard unit. Here is a look at some of the most common issues you might face with your air conditioning unit.

Warm Air from the Cooling Unit

Problems with your air conditioning unit range from easy to fix, all the way to having to call in a professional HVAC contractor to do the job. When you notice that your cooling unit is not cooling properly, there are some things that you, as the homeowner can do before calling in a residential AC repair team. The first step is to check the filter and make sure it is clean. Change the filters regularly according to your AC unit’s needs. If the filter is fine, check the unit itself and make sure there is no debris keeping the air flow from properly moving through the unit. If the unit is still blowing warm air, it is time to call your residential AC repair service right away. The problem could be with your thermostat or even the condenser in the unit failing. Both of these require the help of a knowledgeable professional.

Blower Not Coming On

There are times when your cooling unit might turn on, but the blower will not engage to allow the cool air to come into the home. Again, this problem can be an easy fix or something more substantial. The first thing to do is to check the breaker to the system. The breaker can trip just like any other home breaker and the solution is to simply flip the switch off and then back on again provided that the breaker itself is not actually broken. You can also check the overflow shutoff switch to ensure that it is not clogged. If the switch needs to be replaced or there is another problem causing the issue, simply call in a residential AC repair service as HVAC system repair is not the place for a novice repairman.

Frozen Coils

On a considerably warm day, it is a little unnerving to see ice on your unit, but the coils can become frozen from time to time. When this happens, the actual problem can be as simple as a dirty filter or actual broken parts within the unit. The unit can also be low on refrigerant or the temperature could be too low outside for the unit to be cooling. Residential AC repair and maintenance professionals in your area can advise on whether there are parts to be replaced or there is another issue with the system.

Short Cycles

Not every homeowner will notice this right away, but if you happen to notice your AC unit turning on and off quickly, the problem should be resolved ASAP. Again, as long as the filters are cleaned and there seems to be no electrical breaker malfunction, it is time to call the residential AC repair man. This is common in older units as well as new ones. On older units, there could be a clog somewhere and on new units, the unit can be too large for a small home or the thermostat might be too close to the television, lamp, or another electrical device. The close proximity can give a false temperature reading to the thermostat causing it to turn on and off. There can also be a number of other problems with the unit, so a professional AC maintenance service is essential.

Odd Odor

Smells in a home can come from any number of sources, but if you find that your home has an intensely bad odor when the unit switches on, there could be a problem with the outdoor system. The simple fact that at least a portion of most cooling units are outside the home, making it subject to moisture that can inhibit the growth of bacteria. With a residential AC repair and maintenance specialist on hand, this issue can be avoided with regular checks to the system.

Where to Turn?

All of this talk about needing a residential AC repair specialist on hand likely has your head spinning as there are so many options for air conditioner contractors throughout Florida. The key is not to simple settle for any contractor, but finding one that truly cares about your needs and has the experience necessary to address them. All Brands Corp AC is the only name in residential air conditioning repair, maintenance, service, and sales you need to remember. Just like our name suggests, we work with all brands of A/C units. Visit our website or call us today.