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AC Maintenance

Residential AC Maintenance

Why Regular Maintenance to Your Air Conditioning System is Necessary

The purchase of a new air conditioning system is great. It keeps your home cool and your family comfortable throughout the day, but the installation of the system is not the time to simply ignore it and go on with your daily routine. The unit needs to be maintained properly to avoid any costly repairs. Your local residential AC maintenance professional can help your unit run longer and more efficiently through regularly scheduled checks of the system. Here is all you need to know about residential AC maintenance.

How Often Does Your Unit Need Maintenance?

Depending on where you live and actually how much the unit is used during the year will determine the need for maintenance. Typically, here in Florida, it is recommended that you get your unit checked once each year. The best time, is often during the spring season right before it begins to get too hot. That way, if the unit is in need of more invasive repairs, you are not left in sweltering conditions with no AC. Annual residential AC maintenance checks on a unit give you peace of mind knowing that the small issues that could impact your ability to cool your home, will not turn into large problems causing you to have to purchase a new unit.

What is Done During an Annual Check?

Each HVAC contractor will have their own way of doing things. The better ones, perform more extensive checks to make sure that the customer will not have any ongoing issues with the unit, but the typical maintenance checks involve a lot of cleaning. The unit can get dirty from flying debris outside and general dirt and dust settling into the components. Your residential AC maintenance professional utilizes specialized tools that aid in the cleaning of the coils, fans, and other parts of the systems to keep them running smoothly.

Points are checked as well to account for any loss connections due to dirt and corrosion on the sensitive electrical components. The standard homeowner can perform many of these services themselves., but with such an expensive and necessary part of the home, it is highly recommended that you seek help from a licensed residential A/C contractor. Working with electrical components can be dangerous if you do not know the proper way to clean the points of the unit.

Another aspect of the system that is checked and recharged during the routine residential AC maintenance services is the Freon in the system. Older systems do rely on Freon, but newer units utilize Pureon as a refrigerant. Pureon is less impactful on the environment and is also a lot more inexpensive than Freon as the government is trying to phase out Freon altogether. The Pureon or Freon is charged during this time and checked for any leaks that could result in the system not cooling properly.

How Can the Homeowner Help?

An annual check of your AC unit is necessary to keep it up and running throughout the year, but there are a number of things that the homeowner can do to maintain the unit between inspections. The first and most obvious is to regularly change the filter in the unit. Know which filter is right for the unit and how often it should be changed. Most filters are changed monthly, but some can last 3 months or more. It is also important to keep debris away from the outdoor unit. Storms can bring down trees and send debris flying everywhere. The small pieces of debris can get stuck in the system, but the unit always needs to remain clear of any obstructions to maintain air flow. Between annual checks, if you notice any strange smells or noises coming from the unit do not hesitate to call you residential AC maintenance professional.

Who to Call?

Your AC unit is one of the most important aspects of your home if you live in Florida. Cool air pumping through your home on one of those overly humid days makes your space feel like a welcomed oasis and to keep your home cool throughout the year, call All Brands Corp AC. There are a number of different HVAC contractors throughout Florida, but we are among the best because, as our name says, we service maintain, repair, and sell, all brands of air conditioning units. We can help your unit last far beyond its expected life with expert residential AC maintenance. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today.