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Why Residential AC Installation is not for Your Average DIYer

DIY projects are part of having a home. People today are taking on the challenges of fixes that were once only reserved for professionals. There are a number of projects that can empower the homeowner and make the home more enjoyable to live in, but unfortunately, residential AC installation is not one of these entities. For your air conditioning unit to run perfectly, you need outside help from a certified residential A/C contractor. Here are just a few reasons why a professional is always the way to go for residential AC installation.


The average homeowner understands many things, but unless they are a HVAC specialist themselves, it is unlikely that they know or have kept up with the changing regulations regarding residential AC installation. Regulations for air conditioning units are there primarily to protect the environment as some of the older units had a tendency to leach harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Other regulations that require up to date knowledge is the SEER rating required by Florida. As the population has boomed in recent years, the minimum rating has increased from 13 to 14 with the possibility of more increases in the coming years.

The Right Equipment

Air conditioning units often require specialized equipment in order to install the unit correctly. Residential AC Installation specialists have the equipment necessary to get the job done the right way. Using substandard tools can damage the unit leading to more costly repairs or having to replace the unit altogether. Trusted air conditioner contractors have the tools and experience to ensure that the system works properly without risk of leaks damage to the unit.


When you purchase a new AC unit, it generally comes with a warranty for up to 12 years depending on the model and brand purchased. The warranty only covers the parts for the system, but installation of a unit is often covered by the service warranty given by the residential AC contractor. This warranty is not as long as the unit warranty, but is essential. The warranty gives the homeowner peace of mind knowing that if there happens to be a problem with the service, the contractor will return promptly to address the issue. With a DIY job, you do not have these luxuries and can spend far more in repairs if the residential AC installation job is not done correctly. An untrained person installing the unit can also damage the system in a way that voids the manufacturer’s warranty resulting in more money out of pocket.


Probably one of the biggest reasons why a do it yourself residential AC installation job is a bad idea is a simple matter of safety. The air conditioning system is an electrical component and when you are untrained in how to install electrical systems, the consequences can be dire. You can put your life at risk and also the lives of your family if the unit is installed improperly. Power surges from an improperly installed unit can also cause damage to your home and pose a huge fire hazard. A trained A/C contractor understands everything about residential air conditioning installation and can keep you and your home safe at all times.

The Right Unit

Sometimes a homeowner’s lack of HVAC system knowledge can lead them to purchase the wrong unit for their home. This is a huge problem and has led many homeowners to pay much more each month to cool their home. A system that is too small for the residence will have to work harder and use much more energy than the right system. The constant abuse of the system’s capabilities can also lead to the unit wearing out quicker than it should costing even more money for the homeowner. A licensed residential AC installation specialist can tell the homeowner which unit is right for their needs so that the costs will be minimal.

Where to Turn?

A homeowner that is a do it yourself enthusiast is a powerful person, but it is vital to know your personal limits. We all have them and they are nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes time for your residential AC installation, trust the best. We are All Brands Corp AC and we want to help you get your home on the right track to becoming energy efficient with a new air conditioning unit. Our experts can advise you on the right unit for your home and sell you the unit as well so there is no need to involve multiple companies to get the unit into your home. Once the unit is installed, we are there for continued maintenance, service, and repair so your unit lasts for many years to come. You might have tried some of the AC contractors in the Florida area, but until you have used All Brands Corp AC, you have not tried the best. Visit our website or call us today for all your air conditioning needs.