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A/C Instalation

AC Installation

Are you looking for a new AC unit? If you're seeking reputable AC installation services for your home in the Florida Keys, you've come to the right place. Learn more about commercial and residential AC installation here.


AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance to your air conditioning system is necessary. Feel free to get in touch with our AC contractors in the Florida Keys at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. for AC/HVAC maintenance today.

Window Units

Air Conditioner Repairs

If your AC unit is experiencing frozen coils, short cycles, odd odor, or if your blower isn't engaging, your air conditioning unit may need to be repaired. Learn more about AC repairs here.


AC Service

If your AC unit is leaking, has corrosion, or is simply not cooling down the room as effectively as it should be, your air conditioning unit may need to be serviced. Learn more about our extensive list of AC services in the Florida Keys.


About Our AC Services in the Florida Keys

Why You Need a Florida Keys AC Service Company

Most homes throughout the United States have some form of air conditioning system, and maintaining those units is important. Unfortunately, most people don’t even think about their AC unit until there is a problem. However, it pays off tremendously to have a trusted residential AC maintenance professional checking your AC unit on a regular basis. All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is right for the job – especially when the temperatures soar here in Florida, as they do each year. At All Brands Corp., we take care of all your cooling needs any day of the week.

Annual Inspection

Residential AC services are not simply about fixing an existing problem. An annual inspection of the systems and the components of the unit are essential for your overall comfort within the home. It is with these inspections that small issues can come to light, such as a coolant leak, which can be managed before becoming a substantial problem. These AC inspections can also reveal other problems, such as rodents eating away at the duct work, or an animal building a nest in a dormant system during thewinter months. Regular inspections can help to keep your home comfortable all year long. Our comprehensive annual inspections can ensure that everything is working perfectly when it comes time to turn on your AC unit for the hot seasons ahead.


New AC units from All Brands Corp. come with a warranty. The standard warranty on any AC system is anywhere from 2-12 years, depending on the company that manufactured the unit. Warranties generally cover the parts that wear out on the unit, but not the labor. We offer competitive rates for all Ac services, keeping your costs low and your cooling system running efficiently.

A Trusted Name

The key to finding a credible AC company comes from the reputation. A company that maintains an excellent customer service and repair reputation is the one to trust. Your family’s comfort is supremely important, and at All Brands Corp. AC Inc., we want to ensure that your family remains comfortable at all times. Our reputation for excellence is uncompromising, and our past experience has proven that we are the only name in AC repair, maintenance, service, and sales in the Florida Keys that you need to remember.

Emergency AC Services

Regularly scheduled AC maintenance is an excellent way to keep potential problems from impacting your life; but unfortunately, emergencies can occur. With some companies, a call outside of standard business hours is met with a busy signal or a polite pre-recorded message to call back within the business hours set. Emergencies rarely seem to occur between 9 and 5 when the typical AC business is open, but All Brands Corp. is here when you need us with expert emergency air conditioner services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your air conditioning is one of the most important parts of your home, so you need a system that runs efficiently. All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is the residential HVAC contractor in the Floirda Keys that you’ve been looking for. We offer fast, dependable, and professional services to all our customers. Contact our contractors today for more information on our AC services in the Florida Keys and beyond.