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Qatar Is Air-Conditioning the Outdoors Due to Extreme Heat

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As one of the hottest places on Earth with temperatures surpassing 110 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the scorching summer months, the nation of Qatar has installed outdoor cooling systems throughout the country to help alleviate the effects of the searing heat. As Qatar air-conditions the outdoors due to the extreme heat, the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has pushed the event to November for more favorable weather conditions. Luckily, as the world’s top exporter in oil and natural gas reserves with a sovereign wealth fund of $320 billion,[1] Qatar can afford the ridiculously high cost of outdoor AC units.

Qatar Football Stadium Air Conditioning

The eight stadiums in which the World Cup will be held have been constructed with the high temperatures in mind. For example, the new Al Janoub stadium has small grates beneath each of the 40,000 seats to pump out cool air at ankle level. Along the field, there are vents the size of soccer balls pushing more cool air into the grassy playing field.

Next door to the Al Janoub is a 92-by-92-foot building that is stored with cool water at night. During the day, the water is pumped into the stadium to have its cool temperature extracted by heat exchangers. There are input returns within the floors to ensure the cool air is recycled in the stadium instead of sucking in blistering hot air from outside.

Outdoor Air Conditioning

Along with the football stadiums needing cool air for 2022, Qatar is air-conditioning the outdoors in various places. Outdoor air conditioners have been installed throughout the country to help its citizens adjust to life within the scorching heat. Markets, outdoor malls, and sidewalks have been fitted with outdoor cooling systems to help maintain outdoor life. In the newly renovated Souq Waqif market, for example, three- to four-foot-high air-conditioning units pump out cold air for visitors going into shops, restaurants, and small hotels within the market.

Outdoor AC Unit Decorative Covers

Amidst the grueling heat, some have unleashed their creative side when it comes to the recent use of outdoor cooling systems. The French luxury department store, Galeries Lafayette, has recently opened a shopping mall featuring fashionable air conditioning covers for outdoor units along the wide cobblestone sidewalks. Each vent, measured 1-by-6-foot, has a unique decorative design and cools off passersby and window shoppers eyeing expensive garments.


So, if you have plans to visit Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, you can rest assured you won’t melt in your seat cheering on your favorite team. If you’d like to learn more about how Qatar is air-conditioning the outdoors or would like to inquire about our inventory of various AC brands, feel free to contact a member of our AC/HVAC team at 305-619-0650 today!





[1] GQ – Qatar Is Air-Conditioning the Outdoors Because of Climate Change

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