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Windley Key

AC Services in Windley Key


If you are looking for an interesting way to spend an afternoon in the keys, then Windley Key may be something worth exploring. Located between Plantation Key and Upper Matecumbe Key, this small stretch of land is home to the Windley Key Fossil Reef Geographical State Park and the Theatre of the Sea. While the name Windley may give a bit of a presumption that the site is filled with tropical breezes, the island is somewhat secluded, making it the perfect spot to get away from everything and enjoy the Gulf or Atlantic tranquility. If you are looking to visit Windley Key, here is what you should know:


A Brief History

Windley Key dates back to the construction of the overseas railroad. When the railroad was built, the island where Islamorada is located was actually two separate islands known as the Umbrella Keys. To merge the two islands together, the railroad company had to fill the space between them. The site became known as Windley Key. After filling the land between the Umbrella keys, space became the site of several stone quarries. Today, the area remains unpopulated.


Windley Key State Park

The state park, like most of Windley Key, was formed by Key Largo Limestone and fossilized coral. The land was used commercially until 1960 when it was decommissioned. As a historical park, the only structure on the property is the historical museum. Those wishing to visit the park can hike the nature trail, have a picnic, observe the wildlife, or attend any of the tours, meetings, or education programs seasonally offered by the park. There is no camping, swimming, or snorkeling at this site. You can visit the Indian Key for an array of these fun outdoor activities.


Theatre of the Sea

The theatre of the sea is an aquatic zoo and rehabilitation center located in the Windley Key area. The facility offers up-close experiences swimming with dolphins and sea lions as well as snorkeling, not to mention the lagoon-side beach, bottomless boat rides, and educational programs. The variety of Florida’s natural wildlife including sea turtles, tropical fish, snakes, stingrays, alligators, and parrots are incredibly fascinating.


Lodgings in Windley Key

Windley Key acts as a link between two main islands, so you should be able to find accommodations in Islamorada, Key Largo, or the Lower Matecumbe Key. The weather typically hovers around the 80s during the summer months but can reach temperatures as high as the mid-nineties, therefore it is advised that you seek hotels or rental houses with a great HVAC or AC unit. As all of the islands are located off of the Overseas Highway (Highway 1) it is only a matter of how far you wish to drive. Key Largo and Key West are the more densely populated areas, but they are also the furthest drives from Windley Key since they are located at the highest and lowest points of the Florida Keys, respectively.


Renting Out to Windley Key Visitors

If you are a homeowner or a hotel owner offering accommodations to those visiting Windley Key, it is critical that you have a working AC/HVAC system in place. All systems should be checked by a Windley Key Service professional every year. If you don’t have a system or would like to change your current unit, contact an AC contractor for an estimate. AC/HVAC units must meet the SEEP 14 rating if they are to be used for commercial purposes (even if you are a single resident renting a house seasonally). You do not have to replace the entire HVAC system in most cases, but you may be able to replace the external AC unit to bring it up to code. Again, check with the local Windley Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance specialist to see which options are available to you.


AC Repairs, Sales, and Maintenance

If you are in the Windley Key area and need AC services in Windley Key, contact our professional AC/HVAC team. We specialize in the latest refrigeration and AC unit brands, technology, services, and HVAC system information to you. If you are not sure which brand is right for you, talk to one of our specialists. Not in the Windley Key area? Not a problem! We provide services to locations along the Florida Keys and South Florida to help you identify the type of AC you need as well as their various benefits and challenges.


Have questions about AC services in Windley Key or have general inquiries about All Brands Corp. AC Inc.? Don’t hesitate to contact a representative of our AC/HVAC team or call 305-619-0650 today!