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Upper Matecumbe Key

AC Services in Upper Matecumbe Key

You may wonder what the difference is between Upper Matecumbe and Lower Matecumbe Keys? As the names are the same apart from the upper and lower association, it is sometimes a bit confusing. In short, the Upper Matecumbe Key is the first location of Islamorada while the Lower Key has the new incorporated Islamorada. The Upper Matecumbe Key has a population of around 3,000 residents. This is not the total population of Islamorada, though, only the Upper Metecumbe Key. Since the population is so dense, those who are looking for Upper Matecumbe Key AC sales, service, or repair are apt to find it. Here are a few things you should know when looking for AC services in Upper Matecumbe Key.


Quick Access

One of the bonuses of being on one of the main Upper Keys is that it is easily accessible from service professionals living in Miami, Florida City, or Homestead. Because there are limited Upper Matecumbe AC maintenance professionals, and as emergency services are sometimes required on AC units, specifically those on hotels and commercial properties, having the option to access the abundance of AC contractors on the mainland without having to negotiate commute to the Upper Keys is ideal. However, what’s better than AC services in Upper Matecume Key itself? The Upper Matecumbe Key AC repair and maintenance professionals of All Brands Corp. AC Inc. are available to service your unit.


Commercialized Strip of Land

While there are residential AC contractors for the Upper Matecumbe Key, you’re more likely to find AC repairmen who work on commercial brand ACs. The Key caters mostly to tourism and to commercial business. Sure, there are 3k people on the island, but this does not amount to 3k houses. You could go to Marathon Key and find a few Upper Matecumbe Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance services, but even there the options are limited. Trust our AC services in Upper Matecumbe Key with units on both residential and commercial properties in the area.


AC/HVAC Repair and Services

One of the drawbacks of owning property in the Upper Keys is that the property is more exposed to wind, water, and sand. As the Upper Matecumbe Key is narrow, and as there have been several tropical storms every year as well as hurricanes, it is very possible that your air conditioner will require maintenance or a replacement altogether. Consult your AC contractor about Upper Matecumbe Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance.

Key areas where you may find issues include the main exterior component of the HVAC system. Water accumulation is typical for one- and two-ton units. Units that do not have appropriate deterrents from debris are also very prone to sand damage on the components and gears. Finally, units are commonly damaged by turning over or by rocking caused by storms and high winds.

It is recommended that you have your AC/HVAC system checked at least once a year (preferably more often) if you live in the Upper Matecumbe Key area.


Upper Matecumbe Key AC Sales, Services, and Maintenance

If you are seeking AC services in Upper Matecumbe Key but require a bit more information before making your decision, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. can help. For more information regarding ACs, HVAC systems and all things pertaining to AC sales, service, repairs, and maintenance browse the site. We also provide brand analysis and summaries, facts about AC services, energy tips, heat controls, and tips on what to do in emergency service situations.


If you have any questions about AC/HVAC sales, services, repair, or maintenance in Upper Matecumbe Key, or if you have any general inquiries about the AC brands we service, please contact us through our site and our team will be happy to help.


*Post updated on November 27, 2019*