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AC Services in Tavernier

Looking at a map of Tavernier Florida, the majority of the population is located in the central-southern side of the Key. Tavernier is considered an unincorporated community of Monroe county. Although unincorporated, it does not mean that it is not growing. According to census information, the population is around 2000, half of the population of Plantation Key which is located directly to the South. Like Plantation Key and the surrounding Upper Keys. Here’s what you should know…


Options in Tavernier

While many of the Keys do not have localized AC and refrigeration services and sales professionals available, there’s still reliable help in Tavernier. Ideally, you will want to use a local Tavernier AC/HVAC maintenance and repair specialist in the area. The main reason is that most of the residences and businesses are located in one area rather than spread out along the Key. As a result, our AC/HVAC experts at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. can conveniently and quickly accommodate clients throughout the day, especially in situations where emergency AC services in Tavernier would be needed.


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One of the issues which arise with the housing in Tavernier is the lack of yard space as well as the distance between houses. Because space is minimal, those who are in the market for an AC or HVAC system will need to consider the size of the external component of the system. One-ton units tend to be the smallest exterior unit for a building, but most of the houses in Tavernier will require at least 2 to 3-ton units. This means that multiple units are required, or you would need to find the space to put the larger unit that not only allows you to mount the unit on the side of the house but is also up to code. If there is no space around the building, your options are more limited.

You may be able to have an attic all-in-one unit installed if your building has the capacity for it. Due to the storms and hurricanes, it is beneficial to consider this option as (1) it minimizes the risk for exterior damage to the unit during storms and (2) allows for more convenient service and maintenance since there would be more space to work, typically. A third benefit is that the attic all-in-one unit would greatly reduce the risk of vandalism. Check with your local Tavernier AC contractor for options suited to your home.

Commercial buildings will need to check with the local building and zoning to ensure that their HVAC system meets regulations and rules for Tavernier Key. SEEP should be a minimum of 14 on all commercial units. However, SEEP 16 is often recommended. Talk to your local Tavernier AC sales professional to get information about the SEEP, tonnage requirements for your square footage, as well as estimates for maintenance and installation of your AC/HVAC system. As most commercial buildings are located on the northern coast of the Key, Gulf winds and water should also be considered.


We Can Help with All Things AC/HVAC

Looking for AC services in Tavernier but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. has all the information you need in one place! Visit our site for summaries of the AC unit brands we specialize in so you can compare the top AC/HVAC systems currently on the market. Head to the AC/HVAC FAQ page for more insight on air ducts, filters, maintenance, refrigeration and more.


Have any questions about AC services in Tavernier or would like to learn more about our best-selling York AC units? Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our AC/HVAC team or call 305-619-0650 for more information.