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Plantation Key

AC Services in Plantation Key

Plantation Key, considered a part of Islamorada, is located between Windley Key and Tavernier, though the city is commonly associated with both Upper Matecumbe Key and Lower Matecumbe Key. Plantation Key is one of the oldest Upper Keys with a history dating back 1000 years prior to European settlements. Over time, the island’s population has grown and now boasts several excellent schools and businesses. This makes AC services in Plantation Key more readily available in the Upper Keys. Here is what you need to know…


Prime Real Estate

Though the roots of the island date back to the Native Americans who once lived here and early European settlement, the landscape of the Key has vastly changed. Since the 1950s, the largest mound on the Key was leveled for real estate development after artifacts were removed and preserved. Additionally, the development of the Plantation Key schools and various businesses have brought together the various parts which were once separated, such as Snake Creek.

Due to the population of Plantation Creek, which is around 5 thousand people, both residential as well as seasonal houses are commonly on the market. Sellers should have AC/HVAC units in potential real estate to drive the desirability of the property. Buyers are more likely to purchase a house if it has an HVAC than not . The mentality is simple. People want to stay cool in the summer without the necessity of an external unit. This is also true for Plantation Key. Although the area sees temperatures in the low to mid-70s for most of the year, there are spikes periodically.

If you are purchasing a property that has an AC/HVAC system, have a Plantation Key AC serviceman inspect the unit prior to first use. AC unit brands in Plantation Key will generally be 1 to 3-ton units or multiple one-ton unit configurations. Commercial properties will require a 10- or 12-ton unit in most instances.


AC/HVAC Service and Maintenance

There are a number of factors which would require service and maintenance. First, the Key is an island which means that there is sand accumulation. Regardless of whether you have a raised platform mount for your AC (which you should since the sea level is so low) or a barrier wall to protect from winds and debris, you will eventually need to have it cleaned out. Secondly, as there are more permanent residences, grass clippings and debris from everyday use can accumulate in the external unit. Third, the population of the Key unfortunately also raises the risk for vandalism, especially on seasonal rental house units. Again, AC/HVAC systems should be serviced by a Plantation Key AC consultant at least once a year.


Plantation Key AC/HVAC Maintenance and Repair

If you require help with the service, repair, or maintenance of your AC/HVAC system or are in the market for a new unit in the Plantation Key area, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is here at your service! All Brands Corp. AC Inc. has a wealth of information for those seeking AC/HVAC services, sales, repair, or maintenance to find the information they need. We also have brand summaries, FAQs, how-to information, articles about refrigeration, energy saving, heat controls, and more at your disposal.


Should you have any questions about AC Services in Plantation Key or if you have any general inquiries about our Lennox AC units,  feel free to contact us at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. by calling 305-619-0650 today!