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Ocean Reef

AC Services in Ocean Reef


Key Largo is divided into several different communities, with Ocean Reef Club as a dominant section of the North Key Largo Area, encroaching upon the Angelfish Key. Ocean Reef Club is an exclusive private resort where membership and most accommodations are included with acceptance into the club. However, property owners within the Ocean Reef do have a certain degree of independence and are thereby responsible for all AC and HVAC repairs, service and maintenance. If you have a membership to Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, or if you are looking to purchase real estate in Ocean Reef, here are a few things to consider.


Canal and Ocean Properties

Property in the Ocean Reef Club is divided into basically two parts, the canal and the ocean. There are also bay listings available, but these are few. In terms of the two main selections, the Canal refers to houses which are located on Mariana Drive. Ocean refers to residences which boarder either the Gulf or the Atlantic. Since most of the houses on the market start at 4 million dollars and go up to as much as 15 million dollars or more, AC/HVAC repairs shouldn’t be an issue. However, prior to purchase, potential homebuyers should have the system inspected by a residential contractor specializing in AC services in Ocean Reef.

Those who purchase property in Ocean Reef are, like most homeowners, responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property. While there are onsite amenities that make the club exclusive, the Ocean Reef Club does not micro-manage the properties located within its boundaries apart from HOA/Club regulations.


Rentals and Lodging Considerations

Lodging rentals in the Ocean Reef offer visitors the experience of being an exclusive club member without having to pay the entire fee. There is a daily charge to access the amenities which are offered by Ocean Reef, which is understandable as members pay a substantial amount for the privilege of enjoying them. Rates for rentals range anywhere from about $450 to $800 per night depending upon the type of rental property chosen.

Those attending Ocean Reef should note that there is a dress code and a Code of Conduct in place which must be adhered to. Refer to the Club’s website for specific information.


As a renter, any issues which may arise from AC or HVAC problems will be the responsibility of the club, or, if you are renting directly from a property owner, the owner of the property where you are lodging. Because the responsibility is upon the Ocean Reef Club, it is encouraged that those who own real estate have a repairman who offers AC services in Ocean Reef specifically inspect and maintain the AC/HVAC unit throughout the year to minimize the risk of any issues arising.

First Class Brands for First Class Buildings

New members of the Ocean Reef should expect the quality of the AC brand to match that of the houses in the area. By this, it is meant that the top brands in AC and Refrigeration will be used on the homes, clubhouses, restaurants, and lodgings within Ocean Reef. Buyers and renters should note that the club may have stipulations about the companies allowed to work on units, especially as the units are likely from an premium brand requiring a specialist for that brand. Furthermore, Ocean Reef may have a contract between an Ocean Reef AC contracting company and the Club. Again, check with the Ocean Reef Club for details.


Need More Information on AC/HVAC systems?

AC/HVAC systems can be confusing. The various components and brands on the market continue to grow yearly. If you’re in need of Ocean Reef AC/HVAC maintenance, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is here to help! Our site offers an array of articles ranging from Brand Summaries, FAQ pages, Services help pages, and location pages (such as this one). Additionally, our site offers key points on preservation, maintenance and servicing your AC/HVAC system to keep it running in pristine condition. And while we do have some DIY standard maintenance instructions, it is always advised that you seek the advice of a professional AC contractor when working with your AC/HVAC or refrigeration unit.


Should you have any questions about AC services in Ocean Reef or if you have any general inquiries about any of our AC unit brands, please contact a specialist at All Brands Corp AC or call 305-619-0650 today for further assistance!