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Lower Matecumbe Key

AC Services in Lower Matecumbe Key

The Lower Matecumbe Key is located north of Craig Key. Like most of the Upper Key islands, the Overseas Highway cuts through most of the land. However, unlike some of the smaller surrounding keys, the highway does not limit the ability to have a large residential area, specifically off Palm Drive and Gulfview Drive. Because there is a larger permanent residential area, those seeking AC services in Lower Matecumbe Key as well as sales, repair, or maintenance may be able to find it nearby. Here are a few considerations that you should think about as you’re looking for an HVAC/AC contractor in the Lower Matecumbe Key.

Native Americans and Railroads

The Lower Matecumbe Key has a history involving the Native Americans as well as the railroad line which brought about so much change to the Florida Keys, like most of the upper to middle keys. While a great many of the mounds and middens have been destroyed, there are a few sites that remain. The railroad line is no longer present on the island, but the development and layout established during that time still remain to this day.

Where, Exactly, Is Islamorada?

There is a bit of confusion regarding the location of Islamorada for those who are not native to the Keys. The Upper Matecumbe Key is where Islamorada was established. On November 4, 1997, the Lower Matecumbe Key was incorporated and both Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys became part of a larger area of Islamorada. So, while the upper key has a claim to the original physical location of the city, Islamorada is associated with five different keys overall. If you are a bit confused, don’t worry, the two islands are so close together that it really does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Gulf Side Buildings

One of the advantages of the layout of the island is that most of the buildings are oriented to the Gulf. And while there are winds which blow from the gulf, there is a bit of shelter from the storms on the northern rather than the southern side of Highway One. That being said, it is a small island and therefore the elements of both the Atlantic and the Gulf come into play. The weather is generally temperate as a result, but this does not mean that residences should not have an HVAC/AC unit installed. The average temperatures in Lower Matecumbe Key during the summer range from the 80s to the 90s. While the breezes may stifle the heat a bit, a Lower Matecumbe Key AC maintenance consultation might be a good idea to learn how a unit could substantially lower the temperature in your home.

The Best of the Best

While there’s an abundance of residential neighborhoods on the Lower Matecumbe Key, certified AC contractors in the area are few. There are a few AC services in Upper Matecumbe Key as well as other listings showing up in Marathon Key. Those who wish to have AC services in Lower Matecumbe Key along with repair or maintenance are encouraged to seek our premium services in the Lower Matecumbe Key. With our premium services and our outstanding customer care, you’ll be happy you chose the pros at All Brands Corp, Inc.


As you prepare for the installation of an air conditioning unit in the Lower Matecumbe Keys, there are a few factors you need to consider before finalizing everything. You should note the water level, or rather the height above sea level where your unit will be installed. There are a great many waterways throughout the key, especially those around El Capitan Dr. and those perpendicular to Ponce De Leon Blvd., Bayview, Buttonwood Ln, and Toll Gate Blvd. Lower Matecumbe Key is only 10 feet above sea level, meaning that when the tides rise, there is a high probability of seasonal flooding. AC/HVAC systems should be installed high enough to avoid damage caused by flooding. Many houses are on stilts or otherwise elevated, which gives you a better idea about the level or height you should mount your HVAC or AC unit. Check with your AC residential contractor to find out more about the local regulations and stipulations.

For All Your Questions About AC Services in Lower Matecume Key, We Can Help!

Should you wish to find out more about AC sales, services, repair, or maintenance in the Lower Matecumbe Key area, there are plenty of AC services and repairs that are available to assist you. For more information about various aspects of AC and HVAC maintenance, brand analysis, components, as well as helpful articles on what to do in an emergency situation check out our air conditioning blog.

If you have any questions about AC services in Lower Matecumbe Key, or if you have general inquiries please contact a technician on our AC/HVAC team today!