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Key Largo

AC Services in Key Largo

The first of the Upper Keys

As you travel down to the Florida Keys, the first destination that you will come across is Key Largo. Divided by Highway 1, Key Largo runs the entire length of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and encompasses several towns, cities, and private resorts. Key Largo is a prime tourist destination, primarily because of its close proximity to Miami and other mainland beaches. One can easily take a day trip or a weekend excursion to this Key. As such, Key Largo has boomed with commercial as well as seasonal properties. With these properties comes the need for AC sales, repair, maintenance, and service. If you are in need of AC services in Key Largo, here is what you should know.

Key Largo Is A Large Key

Key Largo is 33 miles long, making it the longest of the Florida Keys. Those seeking Key Largo AC contractors should consider that even though the contractor may state that he or she is in Key Largo, the contractor may not be close enough to respond to Emergency AC Services. Look for AC contractors who are listed in Tavernier, Newport, Key Largo (the city), and North Key Largo to determine the location and approximate time it will take for service.

In addition to the large size of the island and finding an HVAC technician locally, you may find that contractors in Miami and surrounding Monroe County cities list their AC services in Key Largo, and while that’s technically true, they are likely even more localized within the key and farther away from your home or business. While the Key Largo AC service listing may include services for the area, they might not be localized or adapt to handle certain brands.

A Bit More Sheltered Than Some Keys

While some of the other keys are rather exposed, Key Largo is close enough to the tip of Florida to have a natural shield against winds and storms. This does not mean that storms will not occur, but rather that the damage that such storms are apt to cause will be reduced.

Types of Systems Available

Key largo’s real estate is rather luxurious. Houses go for well into the millions in some communities. Because of the high cost of real estate as well as the crowds to which the key caters to, expect to find the higher end brands for sale. Commercial properties will require multiple external ACs in most instances as the tonnage needed will exceed 12 tons (about the largest unit you can find in the area).

Communities that are closer to the Islamorada side of Key Largo are part of a lower price bracket as well as smaller residential buildings. Those looking for Key Largo residential AC/HVAC repair and maintenance contractors may do better looking in this area rather than closer to Ocean Reef or the Northern part of the Key, especially if the owner has a 1-ton to 3-ton AC system.

Precautionary Measures

Due to the size and the popularity of the island, as well as the high-end clientele that some of the resorts and communities attract, vandalism and theft should be considered and prepared for. Cameras on your AC/HVAC system are recommended. Additionally, a lockable barrier wall (with 3’ clearance around the unit to allow it to breathe) is also suggested. Talk to your HOA, Club membership, as well as your Key Largo AC contractor for recommendations and regulations on precautionary measures.

Find Out More About ACs, HVAC Systems, and Refrigeration in Key Largo

Should you wish to know more about AC services in Key Largo such as AC/HVAC repairs, refrigeration sales, services, systems, or maintenance, the specialists at All Brands Corp AC Inc. are available to help you. Head to our site for more information about various brands of ACs and refrigeration units. Additionally, we offer information regarding supplemental components of the AC/HVAC system such as air ducts, filters, heating controls, humidity, refrigeration, and emergency AC services.

Are you looking for information about another location? Not a problem. Our location pages can help you find the information you need to choose the right AC/HVAC system for your area.

If you have any questions about AC contractors, sales, services, or Florida Keys air conditioning in general, please contact us through our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.