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AC Services in Islamorada

Finding AC services in Islamorada

Islamorada is located between Tavernier and Craig Key. Technically the city is a combination of Upper and Lower Matecumbe Key. However, in 1997 the lower-key was incorporated, and the city was given official status to the Lower Matecumbe Key.  Some sources place Islamorada running all the way to Key Largo, but this is a misconception. Whether you are looking at the upper, lower, or combination of both keys you will find that there is a large population for the islands. Residences and commercial buildings seeking AC repairs, services, maintenance, or sales will have no trouble finding any number of AC/HVAC maintenance companies in Islamorada. If you are interested in AC Services in Islamorada here is what you should know.

A Brief History

Islamorada, also is known as the Purple Isle, is the “Village of Islands” because it’s made up of five different islands – Tea Table Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Windley Key, and Plantation Key. The city was first discovered by the Spanish in what is currently Upper Matecume Key and rebuilt after the catastrophic Labor Day hurricane of 1935. Since then, the city has undergone a series of rebuilding and expansion. Though Islamorada was primarily a fisherman town, nowadays it’s more oriented to tourism than anything else.

A Small Town Population

The population of Islamorada is around six thousand people, making it a small but vibrant residential area. Those who are seeking AC services in Islamorada should look at the northern sector of the island. Additionally, you might consider extending your search to Key Largo or the Miami area as the trip to Islamorada is not too far and many people are willing to commute. Keep in mind that although it is not too far, overall, it’s still a bit of a drive so diagnostics should be performed by a local Islamorada AC/HVAC technician, if possible.

Average Size House to Average Size Unit

While there are a few buildings that get into the multiple thousand square foot range, for the most part, they average between 1.5 and 3k square feet. If you use the square footage * 120000/30 -1 formula, you would need a 2- to 4-ton unit necessary to cool such a space. Keep in mind that the brand has a lot to do with the cooling as well as the insulation of the home. When choosing an AC system like the Lennox Goodman AC unit, check with the residential AC contractor to review the suggested tonnage for that area based on the analysis chart. Also, ensure that the unit you choose is SEEP 14 or above as Florida recently passed legislation on the requirements, upping the former required SEEP 13 to a minimum of 14.


Because the majority of the HVAC and AC units need to be mounted above ground level (as the sea level is only around 10 feet or so), it’s necessary to take measures in order to structurally secure the unit. Additional joists may be needed under a porch decking to support the weight of the system. When considering the ductwork of the system, try to enclose the area to minimize damage during the hurricane and storm season. Any unit which is purchased should have a replacement warranty. If you don’t have a warranty or it’s expired, check with your homeowner’s insurance to see what flood and storm coverage is available for your AC.

Find Out More About Islamorada AC and HVAC Sales, Service, Repair, and Maintenance

If you have a residential or a commercial building and need AC services in Islamorada as well as HVAC sales, services, repair, or maintenance, the specialists at our Florida Keys AC repair and service company may be able to help you. Check out our site for more information about AC/HVAC maintenance including brand summary, FAQs about supplemental parts and dependent features, tips for preservation and prevention of damage on your AC/HVAC system, and more. Not located near Islamorada? Not a problem! Our location pages can help you narrow down AC/HVAC service providers in your area.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the information listed on All Brands Corp AC Inc., please feel free to contact us through our website and we will get back to you shortly.