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Indian Key

AC Services in Indian Key

Finding an AC unit in Indian Key Florida

As a small, secluded, and picturesque landscape you would expect to find in an adventure novel, Indian Key stands alone in the Atlantic Ocean and is only .071 square miles (473,932 square feet). The main clearing located in the center of the island is part of Indian Key Historic State Park. Interested in visiting Indian Key? Here are a few things you should know.

A History Worth Telling

Indian Key, Florida, has a history that is reminiscent of something you would find in Treasure Island. In 1733, the island was the site of nineteen ships carrying Spanish. There are numerous legends about the treasure which was lost due to the storms. In 1821 the Indian Key was transferred from Spain to the US, but it was not until 2 years later that the first settlement was established on the island by Joshua Appleby. The settlement grew until around 1840 when a Second Seminole War broke out. A continuous raids by Native Americans and the endless rebuilding of the settlement finally reached its peak in the 1850s. Though residents continued to live on the island until 1880, the site started a slow decline until it was nothing but the land you see today.

Indian Key is considered a historical landmark for the state of Florida, but it’s also a recreational site people often visit for day trips. It combines history with outdoor activities, making it a prime spot for Floridians and other tourists looking for a hidden piece of the state to explore.

Indian Key State Park

The park offers hiking trails, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. Currently, there is no campground on Indian Key State Park. Those who wish to have a multiple-day adventure within Indian Key will need to find accommodations at one fo the nearby Florida Keys such as Matecumbe Key. As the island caters to outdoor activities (as there are no structural buildings on the site offering such activities), finding hotels with AC/HVAC systems such as Goodman AC unit is recommended. Indian State Park is open year-round, though it may close from time to time due to hurricanes or inclement weather. The park opens at 8 am and Closes at sundown. Access to the Island is $2.50 per person.

Accessing Indian Key

While Overseas highway can get you most of the way to Indian Key, it cannot get you to the island. Indian Key is only accessible by boat. Docking is on the southeastern side of the island but boaters may wish to access it by circling around the northern side as the water is deeper and you would avoid the reefs. If you do not have a boat in which to access Indian Key, there are several Island tours. Many of the tours depart from Islamorada or Fort DeSoto.

Renting properties for Indian Keys

As the Indian Key is a very popular tourist location, homeowners and seasonal renters may wish to make their houses available to tenants. As the island is apt to see large amounts of sunlight (it is one of the hotter keys), finding AC services in Indian Key is recommended. If you do not have such, look for an Indian Key AC contractor to install your unit. By ensuring that the AC residential contractor serves the Indian Key location, you ensure that your tenants can stay cool all year round. Keep in mind that your house will need to be within close proximity to one of the ferry tours, as there is no parking on the island. Before you rent your property for the Indian Keys, have your AC unit checked and serviced.

Do you want to know more about ACs near Indian Key?

Should you have a property or a seasonal rental near this sunny island and wish to know more about AC services in Indian Key, All Brands Corp AC may be able to help you. Our site offers a variety of information to help you find the best AC/HVAC system for your needs. Some of our pages include Brand Analysis and Summary pages, simple problem diagnosis in the AC Maintenance and service articles, helpful hints to help save energy, and more. Not in the Indian Key area but wish to find out more about AC units? Not a problem. Our location pages (such as this one) will help you determine the options available to you.

If you have any questions about the Florida Keys air conditioning services, repair, or maintenance in the area, or if you have general inquiries about any of the content on the All Brands Corp AC page, please contact us through our website.