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Upper Keys

Upper Keys AC Repair & Services

What you need to know about AC units in the Upper Keys

When considering the Florida Keys, there are three main parts. You have the Upper Keys, the Lower Keys, and the Middle Keys. The Upper Keys are the most accessible to the mainland of Florida and consequently are the most populated keys (apart from perhaps Key West). Those who need AC services, sales, maintenance or repair are apt to find what they need in the Upper Keys. But before you start your search for an AC contractor, here are a few things you should consider.

Population density is focused

While the upper keys are easily accessible, meaning that the trip only takes about an hour to two hours from Homestead Florida and Miami, it does not mean that the areas themselves have direct access to AC services. There are many state parks on the Upper Keys and several keys which have no population what so ever, such as Indian Key. In areas surrounding the non-populated areas, you may find that the population density is rather scarce.

Islamorada and Key Largo are the most populated areas and should be the primary spot for finding Upper Key AC contractors. Note that south of Islamorada only has a handful of contractors, and most of these target the small businesses and refrigeration units, not the commercial units or residential units.

Lodging/Renting in the Upper Keys

There are a great many parks and activities available in the Upper keys. Yet, most of the parks which are open do not offer camping or lodging. Those visiting the area will need to seek out lodging in a nearby key. The more popular of keys are Upper Matecumbe, Tavernier, Ocean Reef, and Islamorada. Renters of season property should note that due to the sea level being around 10 feet above the water in most places, that AC/HVAC systems are apt to be mounted to elevated decks or be part of an all-in-one attic unit.

Ocean Reef is a bit different from the other communities in the upper keys as it is a private exclusive club. The rates of this sector of the keys is greatly different from the rest of Key largo and the rest of the Upper Keys. As such, the expectations for AC maintenance and repair is higher.

Typical Problems one may face with their AC Unit in the Upper Keys

Generally, the main problem that one will have with the AC unit in the upper keys will be sand accumulation in the unit. As the keys are surrounded by the Gulf and the Atlantic, and as the keys will therefore have coasts, keeping sand out of the main exterior unit will be an issue. Preventive measure can be taken to minimize the risk of damage. Putting a tarp over your AC/HVAC system when not in seasonal use is one way, a barrier wall is another. All AC owners should have an Upper Key AC maintenance professional inspect the system and conduct the needed services in order to keep their unit running pristine.

As of 2017, many of the residential homes in the Upper Keys were affected by hurricane damage. This has cause a tremendous demand on the AC/HVAC profession to service and replace damaged systems. There may be a long delay in having your system diagnosed and repaired if using a local AC contractor. You might have more success in scheduling a mainland contractor if you have a pressing issue. Of course, should you have an AC emergency you should contact a local contractor, or (if the issue could cause injury or death) call 911.

Do you need more information about AC units?

Should you require additional information about Upper Key AC Sales, Services, maintenance, or repair please look at the articles available on All Brands Corp AC. The site provides a series of articles on the individual Keys found in Florida (upper, mid, and lower keys are expounded upon), as well as topical information including AC Maintenance, emergency services, Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling Control, Thermostat information, and more.

If you have any questions about HVAC, Refrigeration, or AC sales, service, repair, or maintenance options in the Upper Keys, or if you have any general inquires to any of the content found on All Brands Corp AC, please contact us through our website and we will get back with you as soon as possible.