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Pigeon Key

AC Services in Pigeon Key

About Pigeon Key Island

One of the smallest Keys in Florida, Pigeon Key rest just south of Marathon Key off the Southern Coast of Florida. The island is only 5 acres, not leaving much for development or residential buildings, especially since the island is considered a historical district. The Pigeon Key island has 8 buildings, all of which are part of the historical aspect of the island. But these buildings are not left abandoned or just for tour purposes (though there are tours on the island). Many are used throughout the year as housing and educational buildings for a number of activities funded by the Pigeon Key foundation. If you are planning on visiting Pigeon Key for one of the many programs offered through the year, here are a few things that you should know.

A brief History

Pigeon Key Florida was created as a small carrier town for the railroad, as per articles in a 1912 newspaper. The Railroad camps were for the office and sleeping quarters of the railroad. While the town dates back to 1906, the historical buildings needed security pillars and stouter framework to resist the storms of the Atlantic and Gulf. The buildings served as a railroad community until around 1938 when the highway opened. In 1954 the land was transferred to Monroe county. In 1986 the land was authorized as being OS, or an off shore island. Even though there were historical buildings, the county could not determine the best use for the acreage. In 1990, however, the National Register of Historical Places zoned Pigeon Key as a Historical District, which it remains as currently.

While the island has transitioned in it official name since its conception, the use of the island has remained consistent (post the railroad) in offering marine education through summer caps, educational programs, and the Pigeon Key Foundation.

No Public Lodging or Residences

Due to the size of the island, there are no public buildings on the site. The island only has one access road. There is a dirt road that circumferences the island, but nothing more. Buildings are limited to the 8 historical buildings and a few smaller buildings for maintenance of the island. However, it is not an area which will see commercial or residential development. If you are seeking a tour of Pigeon Key and require overnight accommodations, it may be best that you rent a room/hotel in the nearby Vaca, Marathon, or Knight Key as these rooms will have AC Services. Pigeon Key AC Services are not available as the only locations are the buildings mentioned prior.

Restricted Access and Repairs

Currently, Pigeon Key Florida has limited access to the island while it repairs damage to the access bridge as well as to the historical buildings. These repairs are expected to be completed by 2018 if all remains on schedule. In an attempt to continue some of the traditions of the island, the Pigeon Key Art Festival will be held this year in Marathon Key Island. While the island did sustain damage to the facility, the core buildings are still intact. While there is no definitive cooling systems on the historical buildings at this time, the renovations are seeking volunteers for the project, which could include Pigeon Key AC Service, repair, and maintenance professionals willing to donate to the cause. Visit the Pigeon Key official website for details.

Key Contributions of Pigeon Key

Pigeon Key is best known for its summer program as well as for the marine science programs that are offered. Summer camp is Overnight and includes activities such as Snorkeling in the Sombrero Reef. The program also includes biodiversity, Reef Fish identifications, Shirt Biology and Dissections, and other activities. P.A.D.I Suba certifications are available on summer camp. Participants should keep in mind that the camp is held in outside open tents, and while the weather tends to be tropical, it can get hot. Day campers (not overnight campers) may wish to visit Marathon Key in the afternoons for AC service and a nice relief from a day in the sun.

Apart from the Summer camp, Pigeon Key offers several marine science programs during the year. These include the exploration of the marine habitats of the Florida Keys, Reef Fish identifications, Touch Tanks, Squid Anatomy, Plankton lab, and Marine adaptations. Most of the offshore adventures are on a 40 foot catamaran while island classes are held in one of the historical buildings.

Pigeon Key will continue to offer services and education to the public as soon as it reopens in 2018.