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AC Services in Marathon

Marathon spans several of the Florida Keys including Knights Bay, Boot Key, Key Vaca, Fat Deer Key, Long Point Key, Crawl Key, and Grassy Key. Although it’s spread out over several islands, the total area of Marathon, Florida is only a little over 9 square miles. Well populated and located centrally in the Keys, AC services in Marathon are easily accessible.

What Types of AC Units Are Recommended?

Due to the size of the houses in Marathon, which average under the 1,500 square footage range, small residential fixed units are recommended. Units are available in as small as a 1-ton unit for effective cooling. The easiest way to determine the size of your new unit is by determining the size of the current one. Manufacturers don’t list the air conditioner size on the unit; instead, its capacity is indicated in the model number. For example, if the model number is VFW130241K, it’s a 2-ton unit. One ton equals 12,000 Btu’s, and the number 24 in the model number means the unit is 24,000 Btu’s, which equals 2 tons when divided by 12,000 Btu’s.


Another way to determine the recommended unit size for your residence is with the Residential Load Calculation. Multiply the total square footage of the house by the heating factor of the climate zone. The Florida Keys is in Zone 1, so it requires 30-35 Btu’s per square foot – if your home is well insulated, use 30-32 Btu’s per square foot and if it’s poorly insulated or it’s an older home, use 33-35 Btu’s per square foot in your calculation. This will give you an estimated heating capacity, which you then divide by 12,000 and subtract one to determine the tonnage of your new unit. So, the size of an AC/HVAC unit for a 1,328-foot home would be calculated as follows: .


In this instance, you would need a 2.5-ton unit. However, you should refer to the reference charts and the professional advice from AC/HVAC repair and maintenance service experts to get the right brand and size for your needs. Please keep in mind that the tons required need to be weighed against the typical heat index. A unit that’s too large will cost more energy and money, while a unit that’s too small could result in too much wear and tear on the AC/HVAC unit.


The Screened or Caged Fixed Units

While there are many brands of AC units available, a unit with a metal casing or a cage around the main exterior is recommended for residential and commercial structures in Marathon. As the city is hit with gusts of wind from both the Gulf side and the Atlantic side (as do all of the Keys), minimizing the debris that comes in contact with the main unit is paramount to reducing the damage caused by external elements jamming the fan, cluttering the vents, or fracturing the compressor.


Close Proximity to Neighbors

The narrow nature of the Marathon Keys has resulted in communities that are very compact. In some instances, buildings rest within feet of each other. This means that if you wish to have an AC unit, it must either be a window unit (though this is not advised due to security risks and it’s an impractical method of cooling the average-sized house in Marathon) or it should be mounted in the backyard where there are no buildings, though there are only so many places where it could be installed.


Seasonal AC

There are a small number of permanent residences. As a tourist location, though, seasonal properties are common in Marathon. This poses a specific problem if these seasonal properties are not looked after properly. First, the unit should be inspected to ensure that mice, bugs, squirrels, etc. have not chewed on the wires or nested within the unit. Spiders are also common. Secondly, if the unit has sat through the hurricane and tropical storm season, there may be rust or eroded parts on the HVAC/AC unit. Freestanding water in the unit is a definitive sign that you need to get in touch with our professional AC services in Marathon.


Contact Our AC/HVAC Professionals Today

If you are seeking Marathon AC/HVAC maintenance and repair, All Brands Corp AC Inc. is here to help. For more information on the best York air conditioner or to get the best repair and maintenance services for your unit, contact our specialists. Have any questions about AC services in Marathon or would like to explore our large inventory of AC brands? Give a member of our team a call at 305-619-0650 today!


*Post updated December 27, 2019*