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AC Services in Marathon

Running into AC Problems? Here’s information on Marathon ACs

Marathon Florida is a city which is spanned out over several of the keys. Primarily on Knights Bay, the city continues to Boot Key, Key Vaca, Fat Deer Key, Long Point Key, Crawl Key, and Grassy Key. Although this list consists of several islands, the total area of Marathon Florida is only a little over 9 square miles. Well populated and located centrally in the keys, Marathon is perhaps the best location in the Florida Keys for AC Sales and AC repair. Here is why.

Distant yet close

Marathon Florida is far enough from the mainland of Florida to be considered a portion of the touristic geographic of the keys. Tourism is a major factor for this city with attractions nearby such as the Dolphin Research Center. At the same time, the city is close enough to Miami that when needed parts and services can easily be obtained. For those who need Marathon AC Repair or Services, this is ideal. While there are a few AC Contractors in the Key West area and in Marathon, they are very few. Being able to shop around in the Miami area greatly expands the options that residences have for AC Repair.

Comparing brands as well as functions of those units is greater for this area as the person can choose from those areas in Key West and the Lower Keys, or they can choose to purchase from the Miami area and either pickup or have their unit delivered and installed.

What types of AC units are recommended

Due to the size of the houses in Marathon, which averages under the 1500 square footage range, small residential fixed units are recommended. Units are available in as small as a 1 ton unit for effective cooling. To determine the specifics for your residence, calculate the total square footage of the house, multiply it by 30, divide it by 12000 and subtract one. So if you have a 1328 foot home it would look like this.


In this instance you would need a 2 ton unit. However, you should refer to the reference charts and the professional advice of your Marathon AC Contractor to get the right brand and size for your needs. Please keep in mind that the tons required need to be weighed against the typical heat index. Too large of a unit and you area wasting money in energy, but too small of a unit could result in putting too much strain upon the AC/HVAC causing it to burn out quickly or need repair.

The Screened/caged fixed units

While there are many brands of AC units available, having a unit which has metal casing, or a cage, around the main exterior of the unit is advised for Marathon. As the city has gust of wind from both the Gulf side and the Atlantic side (as do all of the keys), minimizing the debris which comes in contact with the main unit is paramount to reducing the damage caused by external elements jamming the fan, cluttering the venting, or fracturing the compressor.

Close proximities

The narrow nature of the Marathon Keys has resulted in communities which are very compact. Buildings rest within feet, in some instances, of each other. This means that if you wish to have an AC unit that the unit must either be mounted in the back yard where there are no buildings which would restrict placement or in a window unit (not advised as this is a security as well as an impractical method of cooling a house of Marathon’s average size).

Seasonal AC

As Marathon is a tourist location, though there are a small number of permanent residences, seasonal properties are common. This poses a specific problem to the Marathon area. First, as the unit has been sitting for a season, it is recommended that maintenance be performed on the unit to ensure that mice, bugs, squirrels, etc. have not chewed on the wires or nested within the unit. Spiders are also common. Secondly, if the unit has sat through the hurricane and tropical storm season, there may be rust or eroded parts on the HVAC/AC unit. Freestanding water in the unit is a definitive sign that you need to contact a residential AC contractor.

Do you have questions about AC/HVAC services in Marathon Florida

If you are seeking an AC unit or Marathon AC Contractors, All Brands Corp AC may be able to help. Our site is filled with information to help you pick the best AC or to get the best repair and maintenance services for you unit. Brand analysis, energy saving tips, faqs about thermostats, refrigerator information, and emergency services for you AC are just a few of the things that are expounded upon. Should you have any questions regarding Marathon AC/HVAC Sales, service, repair, or maintenance, please contact All Brands Corp AC through the website.