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Long Key

AC Services in Long Key

Long Key, Florida is located in the Middle Florida Keys between Conch Key and Fiesta Key in Monroe County. You can find our town less than two hours from Florida City, but you are still close enough to the city life. Due to its size, Long Key is sometimes referred to as Layton, which is the city on the north-eastern border of the island. The community is also home to Long Key State Park and Long Key Lake. Before we jump into AC services in Long Key, let’s go over some highlights of the town.

Welcome to Long Key State Park

One of the most prominent features on the island is the Long Key State Park. The state park takes up a majority of the island and is home to some of Florida’s most well-known wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and even dolphins. The park contains 60 oceanfront campsites as well as numerous recreational activities. The park is also known for hiking, snorkeling, fishing, and stargazing. Those who wish to visit the campsite should note that this area is for primitive camping; cabins are not available. There are power connectors at the site the allow for the use of mobile AC units.

Residential Areas of Long Key

Although Long Key Island is vastly unpopulated, there are a small number of residences in Layton. According to the recent census, less than 200 people reside in Long Key. Most citizens of the community use their homes for seasonal purposes, as the proximity to grocery stores, emergency AC services, HVAC and refrigeration services, and general stores are limited. Most Long Key AC mobile unit sales are in Layton or Marathon Key due to its dense population. Thankfully, our dedicated team at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is here to help you with your AC services in Long Key.

The homes in Long Key are typically built on stilts and include weather barriers as the Keys are prone to storms and inclement weather. When looking at a residential or seasonal home in Layton or Long Key, ensure the AC unit is inspected by a licensed AC contractor in Long Key, preferably. As a professional in the business, they can identify common problems found in the ductwork, the compressor, fan, and other areas of the HVAC system. If your potential home does not have an AC or an HVAC system, it would be beneficial to have a residential AC unit installed.

While the keys are pleasant most of the year, the humidity can cause discomfort, and the summer months are known to hit the upper 90s and even 100s. Figure out the best temperature to set your thermostat during the summer to stay cool. Due to the size of the buildings in Long Key, Florida, you will need a large, 2-3 ton AC unit that can effectively cool the entire space. Use an areas analysis chart as well as a brand analysis and consult your Long Key AC maintenance professional about the various options available to you.

Finding an AC Company in Long Key

Because most of the island is a state park, finding an AC company in Long Key is a little more complicated. You may be able to find one in Marathon or Key West, or even take the hour and a half trip to the mainland of southern Florida and look around there. But now, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. is here to handle all of your AC service, maintenance, sales, and more.

When you seek out your AC services in Long Key, make sure you know the square footage of your house. Any AC/HVAC system you choose should be well-mounted and have precautionary structures to reduce debris, wind, and other damage from occurring to your system. Leave the hard work to our team to ensure your AC installation is completed correctly.

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If you are looking for high-quality AC services in Long Key, our team is here and ready to assist. All Brands. Corp has served the Florida Keys community for over 20 years! Our affordable and effective prices meet all budgets and schedules. We promise to go above and beyond for each customer. For all your AC/HVAC system needs, All Brands Corp. is here to service your home. Please contact us today to learn more about our excellent AC services in Long Key.