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Long Key

AC Services in Long Key

Everything you need to know about Long Key Florida

Long Key Florida is located in the Middle Florida Keys between Conch Key and Fiesta Key. Considered part of Monroe County (which is located on the South-Western side of the mainland of Florida), it is located approximately an hour and a half from Florida City and the majority of the county, apart from the other Keys which are considered in Monroe county. Because of its size, Long Key sometimes is referred to as Layton, the city which fall on the north-eastern boarder of it, but this is not entirely true as the key also has Long Key State Park and Long Key Lake. Here are a few other things you should know.

Long Key State Park

The state park takes up a majority of the island and is home to some of Florida’s most well known wildlife including Bald Eagles, Crabs, Pelicans, and Dolphins. The park contains 60 Atlantic ocean front campsites as well as Flats in which to fish. The park is also kown for GEO-Seeking, Hiking, Snorkeling, Swimming, and Star Gazing. Those wishing to attend the campsite should note that they are primitive camping, not cabins. There is power connectors at the site which could allow for a mobile AC unit to be used. Most Long Key AC Sales of mobile units would be in Layton. However, you may have more success in finding an AC camping mobile unit in Marathon Key as it is more densely populated.

Residential Areas of Long Key

Long Key Island is vastly unpopulated, but there is a small number of residences in Layton. According to recent census the number is around 200 persons (not houses). As such, finding real estate in the area may be a bit hard to come by. Those who are residences generally use the houses for seasonal purposes, as the proximity to groceries, emergency services, AC contractors & refrigeration services, and general stores is limited.

There are a few properties that you may find in Long Key island for sale. Common attributes on such houses will be stilts and weather barriers as the Keys are prone to storms and inclement weather. When looking at a residential or a seasonal home in Layton or Long Key, ensure that you inspect the AC unit. A Long Key AC Contractor is preferred when making this inspection as he or she can identify common problems found in the duct work, the compressor, fan, and other areas of the HVAC system. If your potential home does not have an AC or a HVAC system, it would be beneficial to have one installed. While the keys are pleasant most of the year, the humidity can cause for discomfort and the summer months have been known to hit the 90s or 100s.

Buildings in Long Key Florida are around 1,700 square feet which would require a 2 to 3 ton unit up to 4,800 feet or more which would require a much larger unit to fully and effectively cool the space. Use an areas analysis chart, brand analysis, and talk to your Long Key AC Sales, Service, repair, and maintenance professional about the various options available to you.

Where to look for a Long Key AC Sales facility

Because most of the island is a state park, the probability of finding an AC provider on the Long Key is slim to none. You may be able to find one in Marathon or in Key West, but your best probability will be to take the hour and a half trip to the mainland of southern Florida and look around there. When you seek out your AC/HVAC system, ensure that you know the square footage of your house. SEEP requirements are 14 for the area, but these are apt to go to 16 soon. Any AC/HVAC system you choose should be well mounted and have precautionary structures to reduce debris, wind, and other damage from occurring to your system.

Find out more about Long Key AC services, sales, maintenance and repair

Should you wish to find out more about Long Key Island AC sales, services, repairs, or maintenance of your existing AC/HVAC system, All Brands Corp AC may be able to assist you. Our site is full of helpful information about various AC inquires. Brand analysis gives insight to the top units on the market, our find out more pages highlights features such as the thermostat, emergency ac services, duct work, heating controls, energy saving tips, and more while location pages (such as this one) give information about the various locations in Florida requiring AC Contractors and where to find them.

If you have any inquires about AC units, sales, service, or repairs, or if you have questions about anything contained in the All Brands Corp AC site, please contact us through our website.