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Grassy Key

AC Services in Grassy Key

Finding an AC in Grassy Key Florida

Grassy Key rests on the north part of the Marathon Key. And while the Key is considered to be zoned as a separate community/town in itself, many a time Grassy Key, Crawl Key, Deer Key, and Fat Deer Key are grouped into the same category. However, Grassy Key has a history and a feel unique to its location, as do all of the Middle Keys of Florida. One of the advantages of living in Grassy Key is the availability Grassy Key AC Sales, services, repair, and Maintenance. Here are a few other things you should know about Grassy Key, Florida.

A brief History

Grassy Key dates back to 1908 when the first postmaster was appointed. The island, then known as Crainlyn after the postmaster’s family catered to the tranquil breezes of the Gulf. This is how the island got its name, really, as their marketing line was “Come to Grassy Key where the Gulf Breezes Steadily Blow”. Since the family incorporated themselves with Florida, there have been several developments to Grassy Key including the Highway, the closing of the railroad, telephone lines, WWI and WWII work and improvements for soldiers and the Navy, as well as the development of the Dolphin Research Center.

Dolphin Research Center

In 1984 the Dolphin Research Center was founded by Jayne Shannon-Rodriguez and Armando “Mandy” Rodriguez. The facility’s goal is to provide dolphins with a safe haven as well as provide visitors with substantial knowledge of Florida Aquatic Life. Bottlenose dolphins and Sea lions are the main creatures inhabiting the Dolphin Reasearch center, but there are others which have been rescued over the years. While the center is opened to tourism, it should be noted that the main goal of the center is to rehabilitate the bottlenose and sealions back into the wild. The Dolphin reseach center is accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums, IMATA, Dolphin Smart, Visit Florida, and the Florida Attraction Association.

Residences and AC/HVAC sales

While there are many places on Marathon/Grassy Key island, there are also many residential and seasonal homes. Grassy Key is technically only 2.2 square miles. But in that small space there are about 1,000 residences. Therefore, there is a need for Grassy Key AC Services. Most of the residences only require a single unit as the area is rather tropical in the climates, not reaching high index points. If you have a house which needs an AC or HVAC system, look for smaller units which can adequately provide the cooling that you need. Refer to the SEEP reference chart provided by your Grassy Key AC Sales professional to see which unit is best suited for your space.

Those looking to purchase and renovate a house in Grassy Key Florida, should note that the average house is between 600 and 1300 square feet. Generally, this means that you will not need more than a 2 ton unit to cool the space.

AC Repair

Because of its location, there is the availability to have Grassy Key AC services, repair, and maintenance from a number of locations. First, there are a few local AC contractors for general maintenance and refrigeration needs as well as AC Emergency Services. Those who wish to have a specialist for a specific brand may be able to find such a AC contractor on the mainland. While this does require the professional to commute to the Middle Keys, and therefore may incur a consultation fee, it may be worth looking into. Should you wish to stay more localized, Key West has several AC contractors available as well.

Typical areas which will need repair for Grassy Key residences are the duct work (as this tends to be exposed on buildings with stilts), unit stability and mounting (especially after a storm), and removal of debris from the interior of the unit.

Finding your AC in Grassy Key Florida

If you are interested in finding an AC for your Grassy Key home or business, All Brands Corp AC may be able to assist you. Our site has an abundance of information of all things pertaining to AC sales, repair, maintenance, and services. Are you looking for a specific brand? We can help. Our brand review page gives specific information on the units. Additionally, you can review the supporting parts of the AC/HVAC system such as the thermostat, duct work, temperature controls, etc. On the Learn More pages. Need to know more about a specific location? Our location pages (such as this one) can help you get started.

Should you have any questions about Grassy Key AC Contractors, Sales, Services, or if you have any general inquires about any of the information on our site, please contact us through our website or contact your local Grassy Key AC Sales professional for more information.