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Fiesta Key

AC Services in Fiesta Key

Fiesta Key is located on the Overseas Highway on the northern side between Craig Key and Long Key. Fiesta Key was first considered a Jewish Fishing town but was purchased in 1908 by Louie Turner. Since that time the island was purchased by the Greyhound Corporation and in 1966 it was purchased by the KOA. Mostly comprised of the campground with a few townhouses and residential areas, the island remains vastly uninhabited. For the few townhouses and homeowners, this could be slightly problematic, especially when dealing with issues concerning AC and HVAC units. But there are some options. Here is what you need to know about AC services in Fiesta Key


Fiesta Key Is Mainly for RVs

The KOA has designed the Fiesta Key mainly for RVs to camp at the island. As such, there are a few electrical connections on the island, but not much else. For RV owners who wish to have AC power, it is recommended that a mobile unit be purchased nearby. Townhouses and residential houses in the area in such a widely uninhabited area might usually find it difficult to get timely maintenance and repair for their air conditioning units, but with our AC services in Fiesta Key that won’t be an issue!


Smaller AC Units Are Preferred

Since the size of Fiesta Key is so small, larger units on townhouses make no sense. For one, the island is closer to sea level and the probability of flooding the unit would be high. You would have to either make a larger platform for the big unit or the unit would need to be mounted off the ground. Both are problematic for the larger units. However, with the smaller units, the 1- and 2-ton units, multiple AC units can be mounted on the exterior and sheltered from the wind. Additionally, when smaller units need repairs or maintenance, one can be worked on while other running units continue to cool selected rooms.

When possible, use the smaller units for your home and townhouses. As the houses for sale in Fiesta Key are smaller townhouses, a single 2-ton unit may be all you need. Consult our Fiesta Key AC/HVAC maintenance and repair services to find the best solution for your needs.

Replacement AC Units

There are a few AC brands that can be purchased near to Fiesta Key, Florida. However, customers of new AC units need to understand that most of the units that you will find may be temporarily unavailable. This translates to “We will have to go to Miami or nearby and pick up the unit.” Whether you opt for delivery from the company you purchased the unit from or you choose to haul the unit from the store or warehouse yourself, you should hire a Fiesta Key AC contractor to install it. We don’t recommend you perform repairs or replacements to your AC/HVAC system yourself as this could cause tremendous damage to the unit, yourself, or your property. Getting in touch with a representative of our AC services in Fiesta Key would be a much better option.


Help with AC/HVAC Maintenance and Repair

If you could use some help finding the right brand or size AC you need, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. can definitely lend a hand. Browse the site for a greater understanding of the various components, services, maintenance, and preventive measures for your AC unit. Additionally, the site offers advice concerning some challenges that buyers, homeowners, and businesses may have in finding or maintaining their unit.


If you’re looking for AC services in Fiesta Key or have general questions about AC/HVAC systems, contact a member of our experienced AC/HVAC team at 305-619-0650 today!


*Post updated on November 27, 2019*