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Duck Key

AC Services in Duck Key

Right down the Overseas Hwy, from Little Conch Key and North of Marathon Key, is Duck Key Florida. Considered a resort community, it is very dense with accommodations for leisure and marine/bay tourism. However, unlike other areas in Florida which have high-rise hotels and multi-level structures, the majority of the buildings are, at most, a few stories tall but predominantly single story. The reason for this is two-fold. First, by having smaller buildings, the area is less apt to suffer catastrophic damage to the island during hurricane and tropical storm season. Secondly, the smaller buildings offer a more serene setting and do not obscure the natural beauty of Duck Key. If you are looking to get away to the Middle Keys of Florida, here are some things you should know about Duck Key.


A Small Key

Duck Key is only a mile in total square area. While it is a bit larger than some of the islands in the Keys, with only 443 residences it is one of the smaller but populated spots. Unlike other keys of this sort, Duck Key is off of Highway 1, on the Atlantic side, instead of split by it. This has allowed for the development of the island to fully optimize the space for both residential and tourism needs as well as to preserve areas of the key for viewing and natural development of wildlife.


Fishing & Water Activity

A quick search for Duck Key will provide you with a number of posts and images of tourists enjoying scuba diving, dolphins, and fishing (offshore) in the area. As this is The Keys, people enjoy the ocean and marine life. Duck Key Marina offers both charter boats as well as sailing boats for leisure, Dolphin Connection offers up-close encounters with the species, and the Atlantic Ocean gives avid fishermen a playground in which to fish. Although small, Duck Key, Florida has a lot to offer.


Residential With One Resort

While the area is catered to tourism, a great portion of the island is comprised of residential or seasonal rentals. Hawks Cay Resort is the only major resort on the island and is located directly beside the Dolphin Connection. The Resort is also separated by a man-made water inlet which divides the community into 3 sections. There is the Hawks Cay on the Northern eastern side, a southern community that centers around the Seaview drive, and a central area, mainly around Bahama Dr.


If you are considering home ownership in Duck Key, either for permanent residence or for seasonal renting, an AC or HVAC unit should be installed. True, the island sees tropical breezes and the weather is generally cooler than in the upper portion of the Florida Keys. However, one must consider the summer months when the temperatures can get rather high and the humidity can become unbearable.


What Size Units Are Ideal?

When you are looking for AC services in Duck Key, it is essential that you use a Duck Key AC residential contractor to properly gauge the needs of the building. Apart from Hawks Cay, which may require a larger 10- or 12-ton unit to properly cool the rooms, in most cases, you will be fine with a 2-ton unit attached to the home, especially if the floorplan is open and the air is not restricted. Window units for seasonal houses are not recommended as these require bracing and generally do not provide the proper BTUs to cool a residential space; they are better equipped to cool one room.

Due to the storms and winds common to Duck Key, AC units should be placed on the northern side of the house (if possible) and have a barrier wall to minimize damage from storms and inclement weather. If the house is on stilts, enclose the area under your home to help preserve the duct work of your AC.


Where to Find AC Services in Duck Key

If you are interested in Duck Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance services, All Brands Corp. AC Inc. will be happy to assist you! Check out our website for more information about various AC brands on the market as well as facts about service and maintenance of AC units including energy-saving tips, emergency service information and more.


Have any questions about our Duck Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance services or any general questions about AC/HVAC systems? Then feel free to contact a member of our team at 305-619-0650 today!


*Post updated on November 27, 2019*