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Craig Key

AC Services in Craig Key


Craig Key is a small Key, more of a pullover spot on the oversea highway. The key island was originally called Camp Panama and was a right of way for the railroad. It was not until the 1930s that the land was leased privately. And though the key is only a few acres, it has not stopped its popularity with people such as Herbert Hoover from sailing his yacht out of the Craig Key. The island is now predominantly a vacation spot, though there are no lodging areas on Craig Key. Here are a few more facts about Craig Key you should know.


The Abandoned Mansion

The only structure on Craig Key is the Craig Key Abandoned Mansion. The house was a part of the rebuild in Craig Key, which took place after the 1935 Hurricane destroyed the railroad town. As the Florida Department of Transportation removed all parts of Craig Key except for the two small islands, it is a wonder that the building is still standing. Privately built, but abandoned due to financial problems, the mansion serves as an eerie but popular spot in the Middle Keys. Perhaps the building will be purchased for the 3.75-million-dollar price tag that goes with it, but after 16 years of abandonment, it is not very likely to happen. The renovation would require a great deal of interior structure work, windows, doors, and an AC/HVAC system which would mean contractors, electricians, and other AC services in Craig Key – a maintenance expense that would put this building up at $4 million or more!


What Is Craig Key Used for Besides A Tour Spot?

Apart from the pullover tour spot, the Craig Key islands is a common location for photography, specifically sunsets and wedding photographs. Those who intend on staying in the Craig Key area should consider the waves and humid weather. As the islands allot for very few vehicles at a time, having the majority of the wedding photos at a nearby air-conditioned hotel or establishment may be a better option.

Tour spots close to Craig Key include Anne’s Beach, Robbie’s of Islamorada, Long Key State Park, Sea Horse Private Charters, the Dolphin Research Center, and History of Diving Museum.


Easy Access

Craig Key is located close to Islamorada and Tavernier keys and only a short drive from Key Largo and from Homestead. As such, it is quite possible for a person to use our AC services in Craig Key if they live in this area. Additionally, one may find that advertisements for Craig Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance are listed under Craig Key when they are located in Marathon Florida or in Homestead. As both locations offer ease of access to the Middle Keys, those within proximity on US Highway 1 can benefit from AC/HVAC services.


Homes Near Craig Key

There are no houses for sale in Craig Key as it is only a side exhibit for tourists. However, those who wish to find a house near Craig Key may be able to search in Marathon or Key Largo. Since houses are typically elevated, it is recommended that the HVAC system of such buildings be inspected by an AC contractor. Should the house not have an air conditioning system or an HVAC system, contact a member of our team to learn more about our Craig Key AC/HVAC repair and maintenance.


We Can Help With All Your AC Needs In The Keys

If you live in the Keys and are interested in finding out more about AC services in Craig Key, get in touch with All Brands Corp. AC Inc. Check out our blog to learn more about AC/HVAC systems including thermostats, heat controls, ductwork, air quality, and refrigeration. Want to know more about a specific brand of AC? Not a problem. Our AC brands page is dedicated to brand analysis so that you can determine the right unit for your home and needs.


For questions about air conditioners, HVAC systems, or Craig Key in general, call a member of our team at 305-619-0650 today!


*Post updated on November 27, 2019*