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Middle Keys

Middle Keys AC Repair & Services

AC/HVAC considerations for those in the Middle Keys

The middle keys of Florida offer an oasis for many tourists and seasonal residences. The breezes and the weather are ample for relaxation. And while there is generally a low requirement for an AC/HVAC unit during the late spring and early summer months, during the prime seasons (being June through the first of August) the weather may get into the 90s or the 100s which would certainly require some for of alleviation from the temperatures. If you need a Middle Key AC Sales or Service Professional, here are a few things you should know.

Small islands make for a small selection

While the islands are popular because they are small parcels of land that allow for an exclusive Gulf and Atlantic experience, it does not make for the most popular of business selections. The Keys which are only a few acres in square footage will require you to seek an AC contractor on a larger key, such as Marathon. There are a few independent contractors, and you may be able to find more contractors in Key West (if the AC contractor will travel to your location). Since you are in the middle keys, it may be more expedient and fiscally sound to seek out AC residential contractors in Homestead, Miami, or other nearby mainland cities if you are further north.

The Cost of the Keys

The Keys all have one major problem in terms of residential spaces, and that is hurricane and tropical storm weather. Although the structural integrity of the house may be sound, external elements, such as the main portion of an AC or HVAC system are typically exposed to the elements. You can minimize the risk of damage to your unit by building a partition wall or barrier wall around the AC unit (so long as you leave about 3 feet of space from all sides of the system). Yet, even with such precautions, you are apt to find that the duct work becomes loose, that debris ends up in the system, and in extreme cases the AC becomes dismounted and destroyed.

Should you have any issues with your AC, contact a Middle Key AC repair man/woman to identify the problem and, if needed, to replace the unit.

The typical size of AC you will need

Due to the smaller size of the islands in the Middle keys, space is rather cramped when there is an option for residential or seasonal houses (there are some keys which are too small for development or have been zoned as OS or non-developmental). The closeness of the buildings limits the size of the external AC component. However, adequate ac sizes can be accomplished by use of multiple systems, when applicable. For the most part, buildings are around 1400 to 3000 square feet which would only require a 2 to 4-ton unit, sometimes less. As such, the mount size can easily be obtained and the device installed either on the side or back of most buildings.


In order to maintain your system, those who live seasonally in the Middle Keys should take precautionary measures to preserve the functionality of their AC/HVAC system. When not at the seasonal property, turn off the breaker and cover the unit with a tarp. This will reduce the sand and debris from entering the unit. Secondly, clear any foliage from around the unit (preferably up to 3 feet) to reduce entanglement with the AC unit and internal components. Finally, wrap all pipes coming from the unit in foam insulation to reduce wear and tear on them when you are no using the unit.  Once you return and are ready to use the home, have a Middle Key AC maintenance professional service the AC/HVAC system prior to use.

Other Considerations

Since the keys are prone to hurricanes and to high winds, it is advisable that the owner of any property in the Middle Keys have full insurance and warranty documentation on hand for the AC/HVAC system. Check the warranty for the specifics. If a replacement is not available for inclement weather damage, contact your home owner insurance provider for possible solutions.

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If you are seeking an air conditioner or need information on ac/hvac systems, All Brands Corp AC may be able to help you find the information you need. Our site contains information on brand analysys/summaries, AC supplemental parts, basic precaution and maintenance tips, energy saving tips, refrigeration, and more. Should you need help with a particular Middle Key AC Service, you can seek information in the location pages (such as this one.)

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