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Summerland Key

AC Services in Summerland Key

Finding Summerland AC Services and Repair

Summerland key is a great location for vacationing and getting away. Located 20 miles from Key West and connected to the mainland by the Overseas Highway (Highway 1), it allows the visitor and home owner the luxury and leisure of the keys without the compacted population of the larger areas. And while this portion of paradise tends to remain remotely cool during the year. There are times when the index reaches the high 90s and 100s. Having an AC is critical, therefore for this part of Florida. But where can you find a unit, and if you have a unit where can you have it serviced should something go wrong?

Nearby Summerland AC Services

If you are looking for Summerland AC Maintenance and Services, there is only one located within the city. This is Tuchek Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. For emergency services, this will be your best option as the only other services are located in Key West. When not a critical issue, there are five selections in Key west who may service the Summerland Key area. They are D & V Commercial AC, Island Refrigeration & AC, All Weather A/C & Refrigeration, Curry Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, and Total Temperature Control. There may be some small businesses and single man mechanics also in the area. Ensure that you check their creditability before hire.

What to think about when purchasing an AC in Summerland

Summerland Key AC sales are generally for the smaller residential buildings. This means that you will find 1 to 3 ton units in abundance. When you purchase your unit, have the Summerland Key AC sales professional calculate the total tons required for your living space. Do not say that you have a 2 or 3 bedroom home as this does not give adequate information to the professional. Give the total square footage of the space to be cooled. When you can, it is advised that you have a home visit consultation to determine the correct unit.

In addition to the size of the AC/HVAC system, purchasers should take into account the harsh weather conditions of the keys. Warranty and repair documentation is a must. A single year in Summerland Key could expose your house to two or three hurricanes, not to mention tropical storms. And while your home owner’s insurance may cover AC replacement and repair, it is a good idea to ensure that you have a warranty on the unit itself.

Common problems with Summerland ACs

Regardless of the make and the model of your AC/HVAC unit, you will have to have services and repairs conducted at some point. The most common repair will be a changing of the fuse in the machine. In many cases, especially after a storm or flooding, the unit will work for a short period of time and then quit. The fuses controlling the unit have shorted out, in many instances. Do not attempt to take off the cover and change these yourself as there is a high risk for electric shock. Contact a Summerland AC Maintenance professional.

Due to the higher winds and storms of the area, AC units may also experience a denting of the piping to the unit. Generally, this is a small copper pipe. The pipe is easily damaged and dented which could cause a leak or a decrease in the airflow to and from the unit to the home. If the AC is not secured well enough, various lines (not just the copper line to the Unit) could become separated, damaged, or pinched.

Finally, if there has been a storm and the mounting of the AC has become unlevel, the AC may not function properly. Typically, a person will start to hear the fan screech or wobble when in operation. While this could also be rust or debris in the gears, it is also common of an unlevel AC unit. Call a maintenance professional to service your device.

Need repairs, services, or help finding an AC unit? We can help

If you have an AC/HAVC system in need of maintenance or repair, or if you are looking for an AC unit in Summerland Key Florida, All Brands Corp AC may be able to help you find the services or sales professional that you need. Before seeking out a professional, take some time to research the various brands that are available and weigh the pros and cons by visiting our brand page. If you need help in understanding the various components (such as filters, thermostats, etc.) we have pages for that as well. Once you have the information you need, seek out a professional to perform the services. It is not advised that you attempt DIY fixes on your AC unit apart from general maintenance and care, as you could harm not only yourself but the AC unit as well.

Should you have any questions about AC Repair, Maintenance, Service, or Sales please contact All Brands Corp AC through the website.