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Sugarloaf Key

AC Services in Sugarloaf Key

Sugarloaf Key is between the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean on the lower Florida Keys. The area consists of two areas known as Lower Sugarloaf Key and Upper Sugarloaf Key. Although Sugarloaf Key is a popular campground, it also serves as the home to over 6,500 residents. The community offers RV, cabin, and tent accommodations to those visiting. Although the campsites are currently closed due to renovations from the tragic Hurricane Irma, the residential homes are equipped with AC units. Our HVAC experts at All Brands Corps. AC Inc are here for all your AC services in Sugarloaf Key.

What Is the Climate in Sugarloaf Key?

Due to the Sunshine State’s warmer climate, AC units are typically essential to own. Although Sugarloaf Key is in proximity to the Gulf of Mexico’s winds as well as the Atlantic, it’s still important to stay up to date with your AC services. This is especially important during June and July because it is the hottest time of the year. You will want to have a bit of cool air, as the temperatures tend to get rather high. While a single fan may suffice during the cooler parts of the year, an AC unit will definitely be beneficial due to the climate in Sugarloaf Key.

AC Units for RVs

Since Sugarloaf Key is known for its wide range of camping options, it’s important you understand air conditioners for recreational vehicles. Typically, RVs have a central AC unit that can be used for camping at the Sugarloaf Key campground once it reopens. RV owners should note that the plugin for the RV is a max of 50. Therefore, any units that require more amps may require an external AC unit or fan. There is no need to be uncomfortable in the Sunshine State’s humidity; invest in a proper AC unit for your RV and stay cool out there.

Sugarloaf Key AC/HVAC Maintenance, Service, and Repairs

Unfortunately, AC units, especially those that are mobile, can become damaged or overused. When camping in high temperatures, what would otherwise be seen as an inconvenience becomes a critical issue. No one wants a heat stroke on vacation. While the bad news could be a damaged AC unit or a unit that has stopped working, the good news is that you can count on our AC services in Sugarloaf Key. Any repairs, regardless of the size of your unit or difficulty of the issue, can be serviced with the help from All Brands Corp. AC Inc.


Leave the AC Repairs in Sugarloaf Key to the Experts

While it is grievous that the Sugarloaf Key campsite is closed for renovations, it does provide avid campers the opportunity to request that the cabin renovations consist of window units or central AC. KOA is always working to meet the demands of its clientele, and this may be an option they are willing to explore. Aside from the campground, residents and guests can still enjoy the beautiful island of Sugarloaf Key.

Don’t break a sweat, take advantage of our AC services in Sugarloaf Key and stay cool as the temperatures continue to rise daily. For over 20 years, All Brand Corp. AC Inc. has served the community of the Florida Keys. From AC installation, AC maintenance, and even emergency AC services in the Florida Keys, our team has you covered. Contact us today if you are ready to hire high-quality HVAC experts and reduce the sweltering conditions of the Florida Keys.