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Sugarloaf Key

AC Services in Sugarloaf Key

The campground of Key West

Sugarloaf Florida is located between the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean on the Florida Keys. Where it may be considered part of the panhandle state, the 108 miles it takes on highway 1 makes Sugarloaf more of a separate entity than anything else. Sugarloaf Key, a campground, offers RV, Cabin, and Tent accommodations to those visiting. The site is part of the KOA franchise. Visitors should note that Cabins are not equipped with AC units. Therefore, considerations must be given to the heat, and relieving that heat prior to visiting this location. Here is what you should know.

Opening again in 2018

The first thing which should be noted about SugarLoaf Key Florida is that it is currently closed for renovation. Hurricane Irma damaged much of the campsite, and the KOA franchise is currently working to rebuild the damaged areas. Expected reopening date is scheduled for October 2018.

Ideal Temps

AC units in Sugarloaf Key are almost redundant as the temperatures stay in the ideal range. This is due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico’s winds as well as the Atlantic. During the June and July months, you will want to have a bit of cool air, as the temperatures tend to get rather high. However, for the remainder of the year, a simple fan generally suffices.

AC considerations for RV units

Typically, RV units have a central AC unit which can be used when camping at the Sugarland Key campground. RV owners should note that the plugin for the RV is a max of 50. Therefore, any units which require more amps may need to bring an external unit or fan.

Camping in Cabins

The cabins in Sugarloaf Key do not have air conditioning, as they are considered more to the genre of the luxury primitive cabin set-up. That being stated, there are several ways in which you can cool the area, the most reasonable being the integration of a mobile AC unit into a window. Due to the high BTUs which are available on portable AC Units, you may be able to quickly cool off your cabin. Considerations should be given to the mobile unit. Particularly:

  • As this is a cabin, permanent fixing of the unit to the windows, or even temporarily mounting the unit may be restricted. This would mean that you would have to basically stick the unit in the window and hoe it does not fall out.
  • When placing the unit, it will have to be tilted slightly to avoid water runoff into the cabin and possible damage, again without mounts this could be dangerous.
  • While larger units may state they are portable, some can be quite heavy. Considerations to the actual mobility should be considered.
  • Since window units are not advised, a mobile and portable plug in unit would be best.

The best mobile AC units can be found from most Sugarland Key AC sales business. Units should be easily movable such as a Honeywell or a Port-A-Cool Jetstream AC. These are not fans, but work like an AC just without the need to mount. Its is safer, cooler, and less burdensome to do so.

Problems with your cooling while camping

Unfortunately, AC units, especially those which are mobile, can become damaged or overused. When camping in high temperatures, what would otherwise be seen as an inconvenience becomes a critical issue, as no one wants a heat stroke. While the bad news is that the mobile AC unit has damage or has stopped working, the good news is that you can cheaply replace the system at most mega-retail stores. Should the AC unit be one of the more expensive mobile units, there are a few Sugarland Key AC Service areas around which do small repairs. Any major repairs would require you traveling a bit further down highway 1 to the business section of Key West.


While it is grievous that the Sugarland Key campsite had to close for renovations, it does provide avid campers the opportunity to request that the cabin renovations consist of window units or central AC. KOA is always working to meet the demands of their clientele, and this may be an option which they are willing to explore. And while there are currently no posted intentions of adding such to their cabins, if enough people recommend this amenity, the campsite may heed to the request.

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