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Key West

AC Services in Key West

What you need to know about ACs in Key West

Key West is best known for its tourism and catering to the festive atmosphere. The fantasy festival, which is held annually, as well as various cruises have made their home on the small island. While larger than the rest of the lower keys (in terms of the overall population, as well as the geographical size of the key), it is still a small portion of Florida and rather separated from the mainland Key West is at the end of Highway 1. And while sales and services of goods from the mainland can be acquired, the shipping and time to receive them it typically high. Being that this is the case, those who need AC/HVAC contractors should consider the following when looking at sales, services, or repair.

A handful of AC Contractors are available

There are five major ac contractors who are available for the whole key west area. As the area is dominantly hotels and vacation condos, residential houses may find that scheduling an appointment is a bit problematic. Yet, do not be discouraged, if it is not an emergency, you may be able to find a maintenance man on one of the smaller keys. Residential owners and renters should consider that most of the populace of the keys is seasonal, meaning that heating issues with your HVAC system are more apt to be quickly handled while the cooling problems (that typically occur in the peak summer months) may require that you search around.

ACs for Commercial Properties

Since there are a great deal of multi-level hotels and resorts in Key West, expect to be able to find large fixed commercial units for your business. 10 and 12 ton units may be available. These units will need to be delivered via a trailer as they are quite large. Commercial properties should consider the mounting location of such large devices, as the 10 and 12 ton units may require a crane lift if they are to be housed on the roof. Smaller businesses may be able to use multiple smaller units such as a 2 ton on the ground level.

A major AC issue

While the local authorities have taken measures to secure properties in the Key West area, there is still a large amount of vandalism and theft which occurs during peak seasons. If you are a residential owner, having your AC secured in a fence and having cameras on the exterior portion of your HVAC could save you a great deal of money. Vandals of AC units in Key West seek the copper from the units. Federal regulations have minimized the number of units which have been “stripped’ as copper buying requires more strenuous documentation than in years past. Still, precaution is better than fixing an issue after it has occurred.

If you ever find that the screws on your unit have been tampered with, if your unit does not come on, or if there is obvious vandalism to your AC unit, contact both the police as well as a Key West AC Contractor to identify any problems which could exist. Never operate an AC/HVAC unit which has been tampered with as it could cause serious injury or fire.

Water Damage

AC units can withstand a certain level of water, as they are made to be external units. However, a common problem in Key West is that there is too much water accumulation around units. When it rains it pours in Key West, which could lead to the flooding of your system. There are a few preventive methods you can take. One is to install a shelter/roof over the unit, keeping in mind that the unit needs to be able to breath. Another consideration is to have an enclosure for the unit. If you choose this option, 3’ clearance needs to be around the entire unit to avoid overheating and to allow a Key West AC Service professional access to the unit if needed.

If your unit is flooded, it does not necessarily mean that it is beyond repair. The fuses or other parts may have been shorted out. Contact an AC Residential Contractor to identify the issue.

Need help with your Key West AC unit? We can help

Key West offers AC services and Sale options. Yet, if you wish to look on the mainland, we can help you with that as well. All Brands Corp AC has a number of resources to help you find the right unit for your home or commercial space. Our site offers brand analysis, energy saving and maintenance tips, and location pages (such as this one) to help you get started. Should you need help in finding an AC Contractor, please contact All Brands Corp AC through the website.