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Big Pine Key

AC Services in Big Pine Key

What to do when your AC unit goes out in Big Pine Key Florida

If you live in Big Pine Key Florida, then you know that the area is generally secluded from other residences and that the businesses are scarce. Sure, you have Key west down highway 1, but overall there is nothing around. And while this is generally a good thing for those seeking the tropical climates and the tranquil atmosphere that it has to offer, when your AC goes out it could be a huge problem. If your AC unit is making funny noises, screeching, or if it just does not work anymore, here is what you need to know about Big Pine Key AC Contractors.

The options are limited

One of the drawbacks to living in the keys is that the businesses are restricted based upon the size of the islands. As such, AC contractors and repair professionals are limited as well. For the Big Pine Key Florida AC repair, you will need to seek out a professional who services the area, as there are no major companies in Big Pine. It is not advised that you go with the mega market stores that offer everything plus AC services on the side. You will want to find a specialist to repair your unit. Keep in mind that if you use a mega-market repair professional, the odds of them telling you that you have to replace the entire AC are high (as they do sell them).

Key West will be the best area for you to look for an AC Contractor, as it is the most populated area of the keys. There are a few scattered about Highway 1, but these are few.

What if you have an AC emergency?

Since Big Pine Key Florida is more than 20 miles away from the nearest AC service and repair professional, if you have an emergency with your ac, such as sparking or a metal on metal sound, you should cut the power to the unit. This can be done directly from your breaker box. Some units may have an additional breaker box on the exterior of the home (most do actually) which should be turned off as well. If your AC unit is sparking, cut the main breaker to the house off until you can have emergency AC services provided. AC units which are hissing, could have a leak in the compressor and it is highly recommended to cut the power to the unit as the compressor could explode if left unchecked. Of course, if there is a fire or major emergency (such as a fire) which could harm you or someone in the house you should always call 911 for assistance.

Repair or replace?

Most of the repairs which can be conducted on an AC are less costly than replacing the AC Unit. However, if you know that the compressor has gone out on your AC, or if you suspect so, it may be more beneficial to purchase a new unit. Check with your AC contractor to identify the specific problem. When purchasing your Big Pine AC unit, ensure that you have a full warranty that covers replacement due to weather. Remember that you are in the keys and that hurricanes and tropical storms are common. And while home insurance may cover the AC unit, some plans restrict replacement to devices which are not connected to the home (a loose definition, please refer to your specific plan to see your coverage).

Go with multiples if you need to

If your home requires that you have multi-ton units to properly cool the home, consider using multiple smaller one ton units. The reason is this. Smaller units are more cost effective and can be easily replaced through purchase at a home repair store or such business. Larger units, require trailers or specialized transport which could greatly increase your purchase and install price. Additionally, using multiple units ensures the Big Pines resident that he or she can have a level of air while waiting for someone to schedule your maintenance or service on the damaged AC. Being that highway 1 is the only road, and that Key west is the only real area where services and sales are available, minimizing your time without air is important. Multiple small units does this.

Do you need help with AC information?

Should you need help with AC information, All Brands Corp AC would love to assist you. Our site offers a variety of articles on AC brands, the parts of ACs, maintenance, energy reduction, and location information (such as this page) to help you determine the right AC and HVAC system for your needs. If you have any questions which are not addressed on the site, please contact Allbrandscorpac.com through the website.