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Lower Keys

Lower Keys AC Repair & Services

Are AC services available in the Florida Keys

If you have looked at a map of Florida, then you may have noted that the Lower Keys are quite a distance from Miami and other Southeastern Cities of Florida. And while the Lower Keys have a great many attractions and amenities for the tourist, residences and renters (or soon to be homeowners or tenants) may question whether or not there are refrigeration, AC, or HVAC services available in the area. The answer is yes. However, there are a few things that you should consider about Lower Key AC Contractors.

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While there are a number of AC Residential Contractors, and a few commercial Key West AC Repair services, the number is limited. Additionally, as Highway 1 is the only main road connecting the Lower Keys, the travel time could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours or more. That being stated, the Key West AC/HVAC service professionals are fairly quick in scheduling and performing maintenance and repair.

Part Availability

Corresponding with the lower number of professionals in the area, is the risk that there may be a limited amount of parts which can be used to fix your unit. If and when a person has a unique problem with their AC unit, the parts needed to fix the issue may have to be ordered from one of the Southeastern Cities of Florida. There are a few home repair stores in the area which may be able to expedite the process, but residential owners should not be discouraged if a repair takes a day or more.

Purchasing Considerations

AC units available in the Lower Keys will be oriented mainly to commercial properties and to the more luxurious homes when you get closer to Key West. There are residential AC providers scattered amongst the Lower Keys which offer 1 and 2 ton units. Large commercial properties must assume that larger units, such as a 12 ton, will be shipped from the mainland of Florida and that special accommodations will need to be met to install and mount the unit.

There is no one size fits all when looking for an AC unit. SEEP 14 is recommended as the regulations have recently changed. There are talks of going to 16 on the SEEP, so buyers should be cautious when choosing their unit. In regards to the tonnage needed for cooling, regional charts are available based upon the square footage of the building which needs to be cooled. Florida and the keys are in an orange to red zone (depending upon the graph you look at) meaning that more BTUs are needed to cool the area, resulting in larger units needed for both residences and commercial properties.

Whether purchasing for a residential or commercial property, buyers should be aware of the warranty of the unit. Check the documentation to see if flooding of the system and wind damage is covered in the warranty, as the area is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. Should you find that the warranty does not cover such replacement or repairs, it is strongly recommended that you check with your homeowner’s insurance or Renter’s insurance to see if the Air Conditioning unit or HVAC can be covered against damages caused by storms and flooding.

Other maintenance considerations

Maintaining your AC is just as important as the purchase. Being in the Lower Keys means that careful consideration be given to the debris accumulation around the unit and in the unit, specifically sand and leaf debris. To minimize the damage of sand in your unit, clear 3 feet or more space around the unit. Next, periodically sweep the concrete mounting pad to keep sand clear of the components. If you know that a storm is expected for your area, turn off the breaker for the unit and cover it with a tarp.

To maintain leaf debris, which is common when maintaining the yard or found after a storm, consider using a privacy fence around the unit. The unit must have room for the air intake and must have ample space to keep from overheating.

In the event of an emergency, shut off the main breaker to your unit and call 911 (if life threatening), or if not life threatening turn off the unit at the breaker and call a AC & Refrigeration Service Professional in the Lower Keys.

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