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Energy-Efficient Heating Options

Luckily for South Floridians, there is not much of a winter to prepare for. While most of the country is covered in snow and pulling out their long johns, we get to put on light sweaters for a couple of hours in the morning and still make our way to the beach on the weekends. Although we welcome the break from the heat, our experts know that some Floridians also like to make their homes a little warmer at night during these months.

At All Brands Corp. AC Inc., we care about our customers and strive to provide them with the most energy-efficient solutions and the best service.  We have put together some tips for heating your home efficiently to stay warm and cozy while saving money this winter in Florida.

Cheapest Way to Heat Your Home

There are a few ways for you to heat your home. You can turn the heat on your AC up to a warmer temperature, which will cost you more money. Rather, you can use these tips for heating your home efficiently. This way you can be cozy while keeping your electric and heating costs low.

Strategically use blinds and curtains for insulation.

You can help heat your home with natural resources, like the sun, during the winter months as a way of heating your home efficiently.  If you have curtains over any south-facing windows or hedges that may be stopping sunlight from entering, you may want to consider trimming them or leaving the curtains open.

Use a space heater.

It doesn’t get extremely cold in the winter months in Florida, so there is no need to incessantly run heat from a large AC unit. Instead, we recommend purchasing a space heater and running it in one central location of the house. For safety purposes, be sure to turn off the space heater at night or if you are planning to take a nap.

Don’t run ventilators or fans.

We know that ventilators and fans are great for removing excess moisture and food smells from kitchens — did you also know they can take the heat out of your home, too? If you are planning on heating your home efficiently this winter, you will want to avoid using ventilators and fans. We recommend using these fans only when needed and making sure that they don’t stay on all day.

Eliminate drafts in your home.

The cheapest way to heat your home is to make sure the cold air is staying outside where it belongs. It may not be a blistering -40° outside, but a constant draft can certainly cause issues with heating your home efficiently. To counter a draft, make sure that all windows and doors of your home are properly closed and sealed. You will also want to make sure to check electrical sockets, door thresholds, and attic entrances.


All Brands Corp. AC Inc. takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for all your HVAC needs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality design and AC installation services, which meet your schedule and budget. We can tell you about heating your home efficiently, help with AC maintenance, residential AC repair, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your next service.

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