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Does Your AC Unit Clean and Filter the Air in Your Home?

Does Your AC Unit Clean and Filter the Air in Your Home?

Air conditioning units range in size and complexity, recirculating the air in homes and offices to cool air temperatures. Air conditioners can provide additional benefits to cooling through the circulation process and general function of your unit. But can an AC unit also clean the air in your home?

How Does Air Filtration Work in Your AC Unit?

While an air conditioner’s main purpose is to cool the air, air filters in your unit provide a helpful service. Air filters collect dust and debris, and they can even collect allergens circulating through your home. 

The key is to ensure that you regularly change your air filters to ensure they don’t get clogged. A clogged air filter will prevent the air circulation your AC unit needs to work. 

How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?

Changing your air filters will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of your home, whether you have allergies, and if you have pets. As a general rule, we recommend you change your filters every 45 days to ensure that they work optimally. We also have tips on how to change your AC filter to make sure your unit runs smoothly. 

Air Conditioning Air Purification Benefits

In addition to filtering the air circulating in your home, an air conditioner provides another useful benefit. As a provider of AC services to the upper, middle, and lower Florida Keys, we encounter a lot of humidity. When air circulates through your unit, condensation occurs, removing humidity from your home. 

How Does an AC Unit Remove Humidity?

When the warmer air travels through the refrigerant in your unit, your unit absorbs both warmth and moisture from the air, causing water to drain from your unit from the condensate pan located beneath your evaporator coil. 

How Much Humidity Does an Air Conditioner Remove?

The amount of humidity removed by your AC unit will depend on a variety of factors, mainly the size of your unit, the size of your home, and the amount of humidity present. To find out how much humidity your unit removes, you must find the sensible heat ratio, which displays the amount of energy used to change the temperature in your home and the amount of energy used to condense liquid. 

An averaged sized 12,000 BTU air conditioner removes about 3 to 4 pints of water per hour it is in use. 

Getting the Most From Your AC Unit

As you can see, air conditioners do a lot more than simply lower the temperature in your home. A properly running unit can help purify the air circulating in your home and lower humidity levels. 

To ensure this occurs, you must be sure to schedule regular inspections and maintenance of your unit. At All Brands Corp. AC Inc., we provide commercial and residential ac services to the Florida Keys. We are experienced in a variety of units, with specialties in but not limited to Westinghouse AC Repair, Maytag AC Maintenance, Daikin AC Services, and Rheem AC Maintenance

Check out our full list of AC brands we service and our service locations, or feel free to contact us directly!

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