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Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration

Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration

How to Maintain your Systems and Who to Call When You Need Help

People often put commercial HVAC & refrigeration in two separate categories, but the systems that run both of these areas, are remarkably similar. They are so similar in fact that the same company that can keep your high end cooling system running smoothly, is the same company that can service your refrigeration system as well. All Brands Corp has helped countless businesses throughout Florida maintain their commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems keeping them up and running even during some of the busiest tourist times of the year. These systems take quite a bit of abuse throughout their life, but to make things a little easier on them, here are some ways to help maintain the systems to make them last longer and work more efficiently for your business.

Be Kind to Your Refrigeration

One of the worst things that a business can do is to overload its refrigeration system. The commercial grade refrigerators are designed to work much harder than the standard residential variety, but they still have to be maintained properly. One way that you can alleviate a great deal of strain on the refrigerators within your business is by regularly organizing and cleaning out the interior. Restaurants have a nasty habit of allowing food to sit in the refrigerators for far too long taking up valuable space within. Organization is always key in a refrigerator and organizing does much more for the unit than make it manageable. A disorganized refrigerator makes your employees to have to search for what they need. That means that the door remains open to the unit allowing more cool air to escape. The unit must them work harder to cool the interior when the door is closed. It might sound like a small thing, but keeping the door open for too long, does wear on the motor within the cooling system.

Clean it Up

This is true for both commercial HVAC & refrigeration units. The components of both of these systems can get dirty from time to time. Dust, debris, and even pure filth can get into the interior components causing them to gunk up and not perform as they should. Regular cleaning of the refrigeration within a business is relatively easy. All it takes is simply cleaning out the unit regularly and paying attention to clean the fan area either at the base of the unit or at the top. Air flow keeps the unit running efficiently and a scrub down every so often will extend the life of your refrigeration system.

HVAC units are a little more difficult to maintain on your own. Apart from making sure the filters are changed regularly according to the needs of the machine, a professional generally has to be called in to maintain the interior components of the unit. The reason for this is the commercial HVAC systems can be very dangerous in untrained hands. The professional commercial HVAC and refrigeration specialists at All Brans Corp AC have the expertise you need to clean your HVAC unit, so it can last for years to come.

Annual Checks

If you are concerned about your commercial HVAC & refrigeration systems, there is no cause for alarm. The simple way to alleviate the stress of the unknown is to have the systems checked out annually. Some commercial entities might want to have their systems checked more often depending on their age and use, but as a general rule, an annual inspection can prove beneficial as it brings to light any little issues that have the potential to turn into large problems.

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