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Commercial Emergency AC Services

Commercial Emergency AC Services

How to Know if the Problem is an Emergency and Who to Call

Businesses owners today have a lot to think about. Apart from managing the finances, labor costs, and operating costs, they have to make sure that all systems within their facility are functioning properly. That includes the immediate operating systems as well as less thought of systems such as the AC. Even though the air conditioning system within a business is not regularly talked about, it is always there, running in the background to keep all within perfectly comfortable. That is, until something goes wrong. Thing can happen quickly and sometimes emergencies can even happen with the AC systems. Emergencies having to do with the air conditioning system can be serious and at All Brands Corp AC, we want our customers to understand when they have an emergency and to feel free to call our emergency AC services help line at any time. We are there when you need us, no matter what is going on.

When Sparks Fly

Knowing a commercial emergency AC services professional is required is sometime difficult to figure out, but if you happen to find that sparks are flying from your commercial system, you are indeed in the middle of an emergency situation. When this happens, it is important to ensure that all customers and employees are safely out of the building. Fire is a very big possibility and therefore it is important to first, shut off the main power to the unit and if the sparks continue to fly, call 911. The second call that should be made in this situation is to All Brands Corp AC. In most instances an overheating unit will simply shut down, but sometimes that safety mechanism can fail leading to more costly repairs. Never approach a sparking unit. Stay at a safe distance. Electricity can travel through the metal components causing serious injury or even death to anyone that touches them.

Liquid Spraying Out of the Unit

If you ever arrive at your place of business and see that the air conditioning unit is spraying liquid out of the unit, do not get close. It is highly likely that the liquid is the refrigerant coming out of the unit. Never approach thee unit, but rather find the main power switch and turn it off. The refrigerant can be harmful depending on the type within the system and requires the professional hand of a commercial emergency AC services person to clean it up and assess the damage. Many times, the issue is a coil leak that was never properly addressed resulting in the spraying of refrigerant. All Brands Corp AC can put the system back together and recharge the unit for you and in the case that a new unit is required, we can sell you one and keep it serviced for you throughout its life.

Gas Smell

The smell of gas should always be considered an emergency. Not all HVAC systems run on gas, but many have a gas component within the system. A strong gas smell warrants just as much concern as electrical sparks coming from the system. All employees and customers must be gotten out of the building and maintain a safe distance. Depending on how densely populated of a city you live in, you might be required to call the authorities to report the problem first, but always make your second call to us. We at All Brands Corp AC take your safety and the safety of your personnel very seriously and when you call our commercial emergency AC services, you will get a real person instead of a pre-recorded message.

Call Us Any Day, Any Time

All Brands Corp AC is a company that you can trust. We are not your average HVAC contractor. We care about what we do, and we understand that emergencies do not always happen between the hours of 9am and 5 pm. We are here for you when you need us no matter if that is late at night, on the weekend, or during a holiday. An emergency needs a fast and reliable service and that is what All Brands Corp AC is. Give us a call or visit us online today. We are always here for you to help with any HVAC emergency.