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Commercial AC Services

Commercial AC Services

Common Commercial AC Services for Businesses

Some people seem to have the misconception that simply because a commercial air conditioning unit is installed properly, there is little else to do. A new unit can run for many years without issues depending on how much it is used, but eventually, commercial AC services will be required. At All Brands Corp AC, we have the services you need to keep your commercial unit running smoothly and your customers and employees happy. Here are just a few of the services we can provide for your commercial unit.

Leak Inspections

Leaks are quite common in both commercial and residential units. The leaks come from any number of areas, but one of the most common types of leaks is with the refrigerant used within the unit. A small leak might not seem like a large problem, but just like with anything else, that small leak can quickly turn into a large issue causing refrigerant to pour from the system. If Pureon is the refrigerant within the system, there is little impact on the environment, but the old style Freon can have a negative impact. Freon is quickly being done away with for its effects on the environment, so if you have an older commercial system, it is likely in your best interest to invest in a new system that uses Pureon. The initial cost can be a bit much to take, but the more environmentally friendly refrigerant is much more cost effective in the case that a leak does happen.

Cleaning of the System

When you look at your commercial air conditioning unit, you likely see nothing more than a box that allows you to be comfortable at all times in your place of business. At All Brands Corp AC, we have seen it all and know that the shell that you are seeing, is merely a cover for the components within. The ventilation spaces within an A/C unit allow the system to vent properly and not overheat, but they also let in dust and debris from the outside elements. Here in Florida, that has proven to be a severe problem. Storms in the area blow all manner of objects into commercial systems and without proper commercial AC services regularly performed on the unit, the buildup of dirt and debris can cause the system to fail or simply work less efficiently. Our expert commercial AC services include cleaning the internal components of your commercial unit. During this service, we use specialized equipment to get deep into the system to alleviate the evidence of harmful debris. The system will last longer and work more efficiently when this service is performed at least once per year.

An Assessment

Often, the services that All Brands Corp AC provides to their customers is not about servicing an actual unit, but assessing an area to determine the style and the size of commercial unit that would work best for the space Our HVAC contractors work with customers to understand their needs and the type of business, so the right system can be ordered and installed. We account for the space of the area to be cooled and match that to the available commercial units. We are also equipped to take temperature readings throughout your existing facility to account for any hot or cold areas that may require additional units to properly maintain the temperature of the space. At All Brands Corp AC, we work with both new and well established businesses to provide comprehensive commercial AC services.

Emergency Service Calls

There is no convenient time to have something go wrong with your commercial AC unit, but there are sometimes that can be particularly bad for business. Some commercial AC service professionals put limits on their time and when a business calls outside of business hours, they merely get a recorded message telling them to call back between certain hours. We at All Brands Corp AC understand that there is no time limit on emergencies. They happen without warning and can quickly impact your business. We offer our commercial AC services all day every day, so anytime you have an emergency, so not hesitate to call. We are available weekends and holidays, so there is no worry about getting an annoying pre-recorded message.

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It is true that here in Florida there is an almost endless stream of available commercial AC service professionals, but you should never allow just anyone to work on your air conditioning system. Trust the experts at All Brands Corp AC. We work with all brands of air conditioning units, unlike other service professionals who specialize in only one brand. Give us the opportunity to impress you with our commercial AC services, maintenance, repair, and sales. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us toda