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Commercial AC Sales

Commercial Air Conditioner Sales

Tips for Purchasing Your Commercial AC Unit

Starting your own business is a great way to leave a legacy for your children and get out of the thumb of working for someone else. There are a number of mistakes that a new business owner can make before they are able to get the business off the ground, but when it comes to cooling your office or workspace, you need the advice of a professional. All Brands Corp AC specialize in commercial AC sales for businesses throughout Florida and one thing that we have leaned is how to please the buyer. We know that an educated buyer is a happy one, so here are some tips for purchasing your new commercial air conditioning system for a new or existing business.

Size of the Space

It is rare that a business can have a space small enough to simply put a standard window unit in the area and effectively cool the space. More often than not, a business requires an extensive space to perform the daily tasks for the company. The need for commercial AC sales professionals is great as not everyone truly knows how large of a space a unit can manage. All Brands Corp AC can advise you on which unit will be right for the space you have set up for the business. Whether you require a smaller unit for one space, or a multi unit style configuration for a large warehouse, we can provide you with what you need.

Efficiency of the Unit

It is always important to remember that when dealing with business expenses, it is the smaller entities that end up costing you the most money. Energy efficiency is a hot topic today. Businesses are doing everything in their power to reduce their impact on the environment as well as how much they spend each month on heating and cooling the facility. Unlike residential AC units which can save the homeowner hundreds on utility bills, commercial AC unit sales professionals will tell you that an energy efficient air conditioning system can save the business thousands on cooling costs each month. The need for an energy efficient unit is dire if you expect to cut costs within the company. Even if you have an older less efficient unit in an existing building, it might be more cost effective to invest the money into a more energy efficient commercial AC unit as the monthly savings will more than pay for the unit in a very short period of time.

Placement of the Unit

Not all places in the world have to worry about the placement of the commercial AC unit, but in Florida, things are a bit different. Flooding can be a severe problem during hurricane season, and new businesses do not always consider the risk of flooding when it comes to their air conditioning unit. Commercial AC sales professionals such as All Brands Corp AC have seen many businesses invest thousands into the best air conditioning unit on the market only to have the unit flooded by a storm only to have to be replaced. We advise that you think about the placement of the unit you intend on installing to ensure that rising flood waters do not take away your investment. Roof mounted units are preferred by many businesses throughout the Florida area for this very reason.

Your Insurance

Insurance is a given expense for any business, but your insurance policy may not always cover the air conditioning unit. Within your policy the unit can be named as a separate entity, therefore not covered by the insurance company, or a part of the building and covered for any damage. In the case that the unit is not covered, tell your commercial AC sales professional and they can advise on units that maintain a better warranty for the buyer. That way you will know that damage to the unit is at least covered by the warranty until you can find a better insurance policy for the business.

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All Brand Corp AC specializes in commercial AC sales, maintenance, repair, and service to all brands of commercial systems. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and offer emergency services as well. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the top HVAC contractor in Florida. Our team of professionals care about you as a customer and want to make sure that you have the energy efficient, affordable unit to help your business keep on growing. Visit All Brands Corp AC today or call one of our commercial AC sales representatives to help you find the right unit for your business.