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Commercial AC Repair

Commercial AC Repair

Common Commercial AC Repair Issues

Even with as sophisticated as air conditioning units have become, the need for residential and commercial AC repair still exists. Manufacturers have yet to make a maintenance and repair free system and therefore having an expert commercial HVAC contractor available to repair the unit is vital to the success of any business. All Brands Corp AC is the top commercial AC repair entity in Florida and if you are unfamiliar with commercial units, there is a lot to understand. We have seen it all and here are some of the most common commercial AC repair issues that we have come in contact with over the years.

Unit Inconsistencies

One of the largest complaints that office managers receive is from employees complaining about how hot or cold the facility is. Where it is true that some people are more sensitive to changes to their climate, there can also be inconsistencies in the unit’s ability to properly maintain temperatures in specific areas of the office.  The problem can lie within the duct work of the building itself. Leaks in the duct work can cause some areas to receive a substantial amount of air while others receive very little. The problem can also be caused by a thermostat that is malfunctioning. Our commercial AC repair specialists at All Brands Corp AC can determine whether the problem lies with simply changing out the thermostat or a deeper issue with the duct work within the building itself.


A unit that is constantly overheating will be a problem for any business. This problem often stems from the unit being allowed to run without any maintenance to the system. It is always recommended that you allow All Brands Corp AC to inspect the components of your unit at least once per year to ensure that the unit is performing at its optimal level. Overheating is a common issue with commercial systems that sit on top of the building and therefore are not seen as often as those that are in visible area. Obstructions can blow onto the roof preventing the unit from receiving proper ventilation causing the continual overheating problem. During routine commercial AC repair and service calls, these issues can be addressed with minimal impact on daily business functions saving your company time and money.

Drain Lines Clogged

Anytime there is compressed cold air on a hot summer day, there is going to be condensation. The buildup of condensation is generally not a problem in a well maintained commercial unit. The drain lines are cleaned regularly to allow the excess water to leak out and away from the unit, but when the drain lines become clogged with debris from the system or from storms in the area, there is often need for repairs to the entire system. A drain line is a very small part of the commercial unit, but here in Florida, storms are frequent, and debris is likely to clog up the system leading to costly repairs. Regular inspections from our commercial AC repair team will alleviate this issue and save you money.

System Capacity

We at All brands Corp AC frequently get calls about commercial AC repair issues in which the unit is simply not cooling the area. This has become quite a problem in the Florida area where the heat and humidity can make an indoor space an oven without proper air conditioning.  The systems that we have seen however, often are doing the job they were designed for. The problem lies with the fact that the capacity of the unit is not matched well with the size of the building. it is important to understand that systems are built with different capacities and when you work with All Brands Corp AC, we have the expertise to get you the right air conditioning unit for the space you have. We can install additional units when the business expands as well to keep your employees, customers, and yourself comfortable all year long.

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At All Brands Corp AC, we understand the ins and outs of all commercial AC repairs. Unlike other air conditioning companies that only service, repair, and maintain one brand of systems, we service all brands, just like our name suggests. We are also based in Florida, so we understand the impact that the weather can have on your system’s ability to run efficiently. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the only name you need to remember for all commercial AC repairs. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today.