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Commercial AC Installation

Commercial AC Installations

Why You Should Always Trust a Professional for Commercial AC Installations

There are a number of tasks that the average handyman is excellent at performing. Even in commercial environments certain repairs can be accomplished by anyone with a little experience, but commercial AC installations are not one of these entities. When it comes to installing your commercial AC unit, a licensed commercial HVAC contractor is the only way to go. Some amateur service people might be a bit cheaper, but a commercial AC service professional comes with far more benefits than the average handyman. When your business is at stake, a professional such as All Brands Corp AC is the only way to go and here are just a few reasons why.


New commercial air conditioning units come with a number of benefits. Apart from the high efficiency of the new units, they are available with impeccable warranties as well. These warranties can last anywhere from just a few years all the way up to 15 depending on the unit and the company it was purchased from. Having an average handyman install the unit however can void the warranty. The warranty on any unit is based upon proper initial install. A wrong move by the handyman can lead to the unit being inoperable or even damaged voiding the warranty. To ensure that the warranty for the unit remains intact, trust the professional commercial AC installation team at All Brands Corp AC. We have the experience necessary to install any brand unit without voiding the warranty on the system.


Having a licensed professional to handle your commercial AC installations gives the business owner peace of mind in a number of different ways. One of the most important is the evidence of insurance. We at All Brands Corp Ac carry insurance on the work we do. The standard handy man may not be equipped to ensure their work like we can. That can mean that if any issue arises or the handyman happens to get hurt in the process, you may be liable. Our licensed commercial AC installation specialists are backed by our insurance and have the professional experience necessary to complete the job the right way every time.

Proper Installation

The location of your AC unit is important. Although many people do not think of the risk of flooding in other areas of the country, here in Florida it is a very real possibility. The standard handyman might not consider the need for installing the unit on a higher area. Installation on the ground might seem like a good idea for maintenance purposes, but flood waters can get into the unit and even just a few inches of rain can cause significant damage to the unit. All Brands Corp AC is a Florida based company and therefore we understand the implications flooding can have on a commercial system. When you spend so much money on a new system for a company, you want to ensure that the commercial AC installation is accomplished the right way. In zones prone to flooding, we install the unit on the roof or on a sturdy platform high above the reach of any flood waters instead of on the ground.


At All Brands Corp AC we specialize in commercial installations, but our services do not end there. We are a company committed to the happiness of our customers, so we do not simply offer simple commercial AC installations. We go much further to maintain, repair, and service the unit throughout its life. The average handyman cannot make those claims as their availability can change quickly and they might not be around to offer continued service. All Brands Corp AC will be there when you need us to install the unit and maintain it for you so it lasts far beyond the original warranty for the system.

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The average handyman is a great person to have around for simple jobs, but for something as complex as commercial AC installations, you need the professionals at All Brands Corp AC. We pride ourselves on offering the best AC services throughout the Florida area. Make sure that your commercial AC unit is installed the right way by the professionals that care. Visit All Brands Corp AC or call us today and experience what a true air conditioning specialist is all about.