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Can Closing Doors Lower Your AC Electricity Bill?

Can Closing Doors Lower Your AC Electricity Bill?

When looking for ways to lower household costs it’s natural to try some quick fixes to figure out how to save on your energy bill. Closing the doors of unused rooms while using your home’s air conditioning unit is a common practice amongst those looking to save a bit more month to month. But does it lower your AC electricity bill? And more importantly what could this potentially be doing to your air conditioner? With the help of All Brand’s team of air conditioner repair and service expertise, let’s find out.

How to Save Energy at Home: Closed Doors?

Figuring out how to save on your energy bill can be tough and it is a dream scenario to believe that a closed door is an answer; unfortunately, it is not. While the method may seem like a good idea you should not forget that even the most energy efficient air conditioner will still try to change the temperature of your entire home, closed-off rooms included, so this method fails the test. The truth of the matter is that the best method of saving on your AC electricity bill is to have a more energy-efficient air conditioner, not trying to trick the one you already own. In fact, closing the doors of your house while running your air conditioning unit could be doing more harm than good.

Side Effects Your Air Conditioning Unit Will Have

The practice of closing off doors to lower your AC electricity bill not only doesn’t work, it hurts your wallet and air conditioner in the long run! When an air conditioner is trying to cool your home and some spaces are closed off, it will actually have to work harder to make up for the barrier your door has created. This means that your unit will actually be using more energy, pushing your AC electricity bill higher!  But it doesn’t stop there; your AC unit will actually be working a bit harder every time, meaning that it will require service sooner! If this has happened to you, be sure to make use of the best AC maintenance in Florida, All Brands!

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