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When to Replace Your AC

Photo of an Air Conditioner

When Is It Time to Replace Your AC Unit? 

Someone living in Key Largo, the Florida Keys, or South Florida will likely have an air conditioning unit in their home. Since these locations are especially hot, an AC unit will be especially necessary for the household, particularly in the hot summer months. South Floridians have their air conditioning units running year-round, which will inevitably wear them down and call for them to be replaced. When is it time to replace your AC unit? All Brands Corp. AC explores the question further in the following article. Continue reading for more from our South Florida AC service. 

AC Tune Up vs. Maintenance

To better understand when to replace your AC unit, you will need to learn how to differentiate between a tune-up and regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance is performed on a monthly basis in warmer climates like those experienced in South Florida since we experience much more constant warmer months than other locations in the United States. Preventative maintenance can help homeowners prevent their systems from breaking and allow them to run smoothly. Preventative maintenance includes: 

  • Checking for oil leaks
  • Checking for unusual noises
  • Inspecting the thermostat
  • Cleaning the condenser coil 
  • Inspecting all fans and motors 

On the other hand, a tune-up is used to prepare systems for changes in weather conditions. While these are not commonly done by our Key Largo air conditioning repair professionals, they could come in handy in locations where the weather changes seasonally. This is a much more in depth-procedure that involves:

  • Inspection of contacts 
  • Checking if the evaporator coil is clean 
  • Lubricating fans and making sure that the blades are in good condition 

When to Replace Your AC Unit 

When is the best time to replace an AC unit and call Key Largo AC repair? The answer depends on how long the air conditioning unit has been used, the noise that it makes, and how much money you are spending on the unit. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-15 years. However, if you have not been consistent with the maintenance, the lifespan is much closer to ten years. Also, older units are less likely to comply with regulations, which means that you should be focused on the age of your unit and what this entails in terms of regulations. 

When it comes to appliances like air conditioners, it is best to pay attention to what noises they are making. If you notice that the noises that they make are particularly loud or unsettling, it may be time to look into replacing it. The older and more worn-out air conditioners get, the more likely they are to be damaged and in need of replacement. For residents in Key Largo, we recommend that you look into our Key Largo air conditioning repair if you notice this or other tell-tale signs. 

Replacing Air Conditioners With All Brands Corp. AC 

When is it time to replace your AC unit? The answer depends on what changes you notice within your unit and how long you have owned it. If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact our Key Largo, FL, air conditioning repair or Key Largo emergency AC services to learn more.

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