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How Long Can a Window AC Run Continuously?

Window AC unit view from outside accompanied by sunflowers

How Long Can a Window AC Run Continuously? 

If there is one thing that accompanies living life in the Florida Keys and South Florida, it is that the heat could be unbearable for most of the year. The combination of year-round sunshine and high humidity makes air conditioning a necessity. The constant use of air conditioning can translate to a higher energy bill or even broken appliances. Some of the most common appliances that homes in Florida and the Keys have are window air conditioning units. This often begs the question: how long can a window AC run continuously, and is it bad to leave an AC on all day? All Brands AC Corp., AC Inc. examines this more closely in the following article. Continue reading for more from our Florida Keys and Plantation AC repair. 

Can I Leave My AC On All Day, and Is It Bad to Run AC All Day? 

Running your air conditioning all day is not usually a dangerous thing. This means that you do not run the risk of causing fires or power outages in your home. Leaving an air conditioning unit on all day is only dangerous if it contributes to a power outage during a heat wave. Older air conditioning systems are usually much less efficient than their more modern counterparts. In areas of the Florida Keys that experience extreme heat or complicated heat waves, older air conditioning systems can cause too much stress for the breaker and lead to a power outage. Power outages during heat waves are extremely dangerous for pets and the elderly. Our Florida Keys air conditioning business recommends that you do not stay inside of a home during a power outage during a heat wave. 

For those that are worried about the impact that leaving an air conditioner on all day would have on their electricity bill, they could be surprised to learn that leaving an air conditioner on continuously is actually more efficient than turning it off and later turning it on. This is because air conditioners work by regulating the humidity and temperature inside a home. When they are turned off, the mechanisms inside of the unit will have to work much harder to get working to their optimal levels or full potential. This extra stress on the machine could begin to take a toll on it in the long run. Further, this extra energy would be reflected in your monthly bill or statement. Instead, air conditioners should be turned up to around 78 degrees when no one is home and later turned down to your preferences. 

The question becomes, how long can a window AC run continuously? It can run continuously for years as long as you maximize the efficiency of the unit by turning up the temperature for some periods of time. 

Is It OK for Central Air to Run Continuously? 

Central air conditioning is prone to different kinds of problems than window units. For one, there is an entire ventilation system that the air conditioner has to work with. It is here that most of the problems occur with central air conditioning. Sometimes, there are leaks within the system that causes the vent to temporarily freeze, making the system temporarily stop working. Also, some undersized AC systems will have to work harder to cool your home. The air conditioning unit working harder to cool your home while being on all day will lead to some complications, like a reduction in pressure in the cooling coil. This later causes some damage to the compressor. It is extremely important to count on the services of experienced Florida Keys air conditioner professionals if you ever encounter this problem. 

More About All Brands Corp., AC Inc.

Aside from giving insight on how long a window AC runs and giving insight into whether it is okay for an AC to run all day, we are an air conditioning company based in the Florida Keys that is dedicated to helping our clients with whatever HVAC services they need. Our Key Largo air conditioning repair business is here to help you with our wide collection of services, like South Florida AC repair and Key West HVAC repair. Our wide service area includes much of the Florida Keys and South Florida. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

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