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Common AC Repairs

Common AC Repairs 

Air conditioners are appliances that no one notices until they’re not working. When the AC stops working, depending on where you live, it can get extremely annoying, uncomfortable, and dangerous. AC breakdowns are normal and can be fixed with ease. Here are the top five common AC repairs that technicians face. Some won’t break the bank. Others require saving and preparation. 

Freon Replacement

Refrigerants are used to help keep the room cool by capturing heat and then releasing it to another space. If it’s low or has any leaks, then that heat cannot be released. Leaks are normally caused by wear and tear over time. Freon repairs are only needed when there is a leak. When the repairs are done, it will cost around $170+ depending on the severity of damages. 

Capacitor Replacement Is Needed 

If you notice that the AC is not blowing any cold air or it takes a while to turn on. This may be a sign that the capacitor needs to be replaced. A capacitor helps the AC Unit motors run by sending a volt to activate the motor. The cost of replacing a capacitor is around $170, and it depends on the capacitor brand you buy. 

Evaporator Coils 

Evaporator coils are the coils that absorb heat from the air inside of your home. They are typically made from copper, steel, or aluminum and conduct heat efficiently. Refrigerant or freon flows through the coils to absorb the heat in the room to cool it down. If evaporator coils are dirty with dust and dirt, it can put a strain on the coils. Replacing the evaporator is not an easy task and should be handled by professionals.    

AC Compressor 

There are many different types of air compressors. Some are versatile, like the scroll and reciprocating compressor. They are made for commercial A/C, light commercial A/C, and residential units. Air compressors work by allowing low pressure and low temperature to be pumped inside the compressor. While in the compressor, the freon rises in temperature and pressure and then gets released into the condensing coil. If you notice an increase in warm air, the compressor might need to be replaced. Typically labor for the compressor will be high in price since it is considered the heart of the unit.

Dirty Air Filter 

Changing an air filter is a common issue many people face. Air filters help prevent particles, dirt, debris, and dust from circulating in the air. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow, which can cause the AC to work harder. Depending on how old your unit is, working harder can lead to further repairs. You should change your filter out every three months. The good thing about the filter is it’s not expensive to replace, and anyone can do it themselves for about $20. 

All Brands Corp AC Technicians 

At All Brands Corp, we are familiar with the most common AC repairs. We service the upper, middle, and lower Keys in the sunny state of South Florida. Our team of HVAC experts is here to help. We provide residential and commercial ac repair in the Keys. Contact us with our 24/7 emergency service today. You can call us at (305) 619-0650.

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